How can I upgrade to 6.5 now?

How do I upgrade to Cb 6.5 now?

I was actually going to upgrade this weekend, but today I just found out the news about Cb7 of course. And it seems that the upgrade has been stopped until Dec 5th, but I have a project to start and I’d like the new comping features in 6.5 rather than those in 6.0.

So, is it possible to upgrade at all, or not? I don’t mind paying the Cb7 upgrade fee right now, but I’d really like to get going with 6.5 for the next 3 weeks…


Buy the boxed version at your local retailer…

Do retailers have boxed upgrades? Or only the full version?

GC has them on their site:

But I follow what you are getting at.


Go ahead and buy an upgrade someplace for cubase 6.5. You will be able to grace period to cubase 7. Just do it during the grace period timeline and read Stinys terms.

Cannot find any 6 to 6.5 upgrade in Europe…(online)…Bugger

Even stranger:

You can not update / upgrade from 6 to 6.5.

BUT you can upgrade from cubase 4/5 to 6.5 for 177 Eur…:


Come on Steinberg, let us upgrade from 6 to 6.5 for let’s say, 100 Eur, hm, how about that :slight_smile:


Yeah, I can’t find an upgrade from 6 to 6.5 on the DV247 site. I think it’s probably just something SB didn’t consider, so I’m stuck and I suppose I’ll wait.

Any official word from Steinberg?


This thread in the cubase 6 forum might have some useful information for you all because it’s discussing the same topic:

Aha, I see a raging discussion there :slight_smile: We’re more relaxed here in the Cb7 forum :wink: Cause it’s not about the money, money, money…


The thread is not only about the money it’s more about the fact that cubase 6 users are treated differently then all other cubase users!

Hey Mike, my contribution is not actually about the money or C7 (which I don’t actually want!)

I just want to get 6.5 to do a new project and future work which would benefit from the newer comping tools. That’s all I want:) Didn’t need it previously, and now looks like that’ll never be possible :frowning:

as far as i know the 6 > 6.5 update has only been sold online through steinberg so yeah, makes no sense it would still be available. the only issue i see is if someone really needs to update between now and december, it seems impossible in any way.