How come...?

…the 6.0.3 update is so full of crap, and 6.0.2 is probably the best Cubase version ever so far?

6.0.3 is nothing but crashes, video engine is not even working on many systems, gui is sluggish etc etc… wtf happened? :slight_smile:

…and on my system it turned off stuff like multiprocessing etc when updating to 6.0.3 WHY?, took awhile before I realized this!

And Steinberg, you still recommend to update to 6.0.3, why is this?

Did alot of live recordings with 6.0.3. No problems.



What are your system specs? If it was that bad you’d be joined by thousands of others. There are tops, maybe a dozen posters on this forum with issues.
The common issue I see so far does seem to be video related so that may be an important factor to mention ie: your video card.
Also common to reports of this type is a lack of system information. Curious.

Hello Dreamix,

It would make more sense to contact our support department and try to solve your “local” problems with them. A “general” post like this does not solve problems.



Sorry to say, but I second the initial post. If it wasn’t for the ‘gridlines-fix’ and that i’m already working on a couple of projects I converted to 6.0.3 I’d be back on 6.0.2!

There seem to be some major changes from .2 to .3, not just a couple of bugfixes as the .0.1 versionnumber increase suggests. Unfortunately for many people there are changes to the worse. Main problem are chrashes which seem to come from the whole videoengine thing.

Kai. You’re lucky to have got so far using Cubase 6 v. anything. It is optimised for Win 7 and probably the new generation of i5 / i7 chipsets. I certainly wouldn’t touch it with XP. My core2 bit the dust as soon as I saw the specs of v6 way back.
You’re probably running into Northbridge buffer data traffic jams.

6.0.2 is probably as far as you’d get and if it works I’d stick to that for now.

If I was doing movies seriously I’d also probably go for a much better spec of Graphics card for my belt and braces philosophy. I assume you’ve got the latest driver but on graphics cards, and soundcards come to that, sometimes the latest driver is not the best and some have to go back a version to get things working.
Just something for you to try.

I hear you, but I see people are having the exact same problems as I do on Win7 systems and on Macs. So the OS can’t be the reason for problems. With the video engine disabled everything works fine, this whole business is messed up. There are so many posts here just because of that.
I believe Cubase will be running on XP for quite a while here! :mrgreen:
(as opposed to Wavelab 7 that just won’t work)

There are not as many as you think. Though I understand if you have a problem, and it’s the same for me too, it always looks bigger than it actually is and some people here make it look bigger by screaming very loudly.
Those two and three page posts are mostly about four posters or so.

Compared to earlier releases there are far less complaints with V6. Down at least 60% and I think I’m being very conservative there.

You’ll probably find that the video engine requires the latest gear as well. It’s often overlooked particularly for those who don’t need high spec for a living.

I came by bus.

I’m running Cubase 6.0.3 and Wavelab 7 on Win XP perfectly well here (i7 processor) - so it does work on some systems.

Wow… so you’re saying that all the users that are experiencing graphics problems because of a SOFTWARE update probably should go out and buy another graphics card because OBVIOUSLY to you, their system is outdated. The fact that their system had no problems before the update is completely irrelevant…

“Hey! So I just put this brand new, state of the art stereo in my 2009 sports car. For some reason though it makes the car die after 5 miles of listening to it. I guess I need to get a new car to keep up with my stereo…”

And yes no system specs 'cause I don’t want you to know. What a pile of BS

Now you’re just trying to pick a fight.
You don’t give details what do you expect? You use outdated OS. What do you expect? You use old computer. What do you expect?

If you’re just into being negative that’s what you get.
Nobody can help you if you don’t make half the effort to help yourself.

The fact that all these old systems and OS’s are falling down after a new software version should tell you something. If you actually want to know.

There are guys who can run their systems with XP. But they really know their stuff or they’re very lucky.
Cubase IS system intensive. VERY system intensive. So if you or your computer techs aren’t on top of the game the likelyhood is that you’re going to crash on one of the latest versions of anything, not just Cubase.
And the more you load stuff like movies, libraries, tracks and FX the more likely you will hit the buffers.
And it’s not worth picking a fight with the way it is. IT (not me) always wins.
Personally I do really hope YOU win.

And I’m really FORCING you to buy new stuff? :mrgreen: No. You can go back to the version that works.

You don’t have to do what I say. Just take it on board as information you may want to use. If you don’t like it there’s no point in writing an article about my opinion. Just ignore it.

FYI I’m using a Gigabyte UD5 rev. 2 board with an i7 950 and a brand new nVidia Gcard (1 gig onboard mem) with 24 gigs of ram AND W7 64bit ultimate. I am having the graphics problems as well since the update so don’t sit there on your throne King all knowing and tell me that it’s because my hardware or OS is outdated!

I resent the fact that people like you get on this board and start spouting tech advice without any idea of what someone has to work with. YOU are the one who likes to pick fights as I see time and again with your know-it-all posts and condescending attitude.

I’m not trying to be an A*$**le but come on man. Try helping someone with real knowledgeable advice instead of picking on everyone like the school geek.


AS I read through more of your past posts it becomes obvious to me that you just like to tell people that they are wrong. I have gotten rid of people like you from my life as they have a negative, depressing effect on all the people around them. The sad part is you will ALWAYS think it’s the other guy who is the bad one. Even your avatar says much about you. Disgruntled cat with his paw thumping impatiently. I feel sorry for you…

Knock it off little fella.
I’m the king of anything. I just give my assessment. You’re the guy that’s raving.
Other people have different opinions. I don’t lay into them. I just let it be.
You’re laying into me for no reason other than you want a go at Steinberg and you haven’t got the balls to write to the company like a real professional businessman.
That’s not my problem. It’s all yours.

From your post your system looks like Cubase should work and I think it can be made to work but you have a big problem somewhere that cannot be fixed by trying to pick on someone you think is a small guy.
You’ll never fix it via a forum anyway if it’s that big. Ring support.

Get real.

Yeah, Conman, dial it down a bit maybe? You have been a help to me in the past and I appreciate this. Too, I appreciate that this forum is supported and visited by Steinberg. However it’s a two way street. This forum is meant to let all the die-hard Cubase fans interact and help each other (I hope?), but also to be a sounding board for problems that customers are having with the software. I think I have this right. :confused:

As to a funky computer setup causing a program like Cubase to fail, sure, that’s a given. And true, C6 is intended for Win7 OS users. However, FWIW, I see right here on this forum that XP or Win7 can support C6, whether it is intended to or not. When you play that card it just makes me smile. Heck, I’m only saving $150 by continuing with XP, it’s not the $$. It’s more about hanging with something that’s worked for me and do what I need it to do.

All that said, I also agree with the posters who say that there is something wrong with 6.0.3. The metronome issue is enough to convince me of that, hang the video flaw possibilities. And I went back to 6.0.2, FWIW. Likewise, running a video project - including the video window - with my feeble little 2G of memory, and I can do it all day without a glitch or a freeze. What does this say about 6.0.3?

Finally, I will run to this site on the first day it’s posted, for the new 6.0.4 download. Till then, having experienced the bad behavior of 6.0.3 first hand, all I can think is, what are you waiting for Steinberg? It completely puzzles me to see Steinberg act like 6.0.3 is a happening upgrade. When they defend it, a recording program that can’t do a decent click track I just shake my head, sorry.

Oops, make that 4G.

Anthropomorphizing computers is not how to troubleshoot anything. Computers don’t work this way. Aside from some hypothetical timing-specific bugs that would need to be fixed, there’s nothing about higher CPU or disk I/O usage that would in any way induce crashes.

Discrepancies in the stability (e.g. works for some people, completely randomly crashes for others) on the same piece of audio software in the same OS are caused by poorly written drivers in almost every case. If other people have 6.0.3 working on XP just fine, then this is where to look. The driver bugs might occur under heavy usage, or they might not. In any case, properly written drivers will function under any workload. So under no circumstance should the proposed fix for Cubase crashes be to simply get a newer computer or parts at random. Just because something is newer will not mean the drivers are better or even equal. Granted, moving to a supported OS is always a valid suggestion, as compatibility may and probably will completely break with a future update. It doesn’t seem we’re there yet though.

In any case, if updating all the motherboard-related and other drivers to the newest versions still fixes nothing, the only effective troubleshooting is to pin down the problematic driver by disabling devices in the Device Manager one by one. In case the driver causes DPC spikes as well, LatencyMon will tell you which one it is. Once you know the problematic component, if nothing else, replace it with something else. E.g. something as small as switching to a TI chipset for your FireWire ports if you have a FW audio interface can have a huge effect.

Cheers and thanks Mr Roos. That is a more balanced discussion of the points raised. What I am saying is if your computer or your computer skills or your techs skills are short in a number of ways Cubase is likely to fail. I never said that it definitely would fail.
Whereas the opposite assumption is to want to prove that because their system fails then everybody’s system is failing. Which is patently not the case. However, with some posters, any difference from this view must be assailed with the utmost snidiness.
You have your system working which means you have a certain skill. My opinion is that chances are you may be lucky so far. I don’t mean that you will crash, just lucky that you don’t. This is based on building systems for myself and others and observing studios with various systems.
For instance, most of the studio managers I know will only go to a forum for a quick fix. If it’s more serious they will ring the company offices or even write a letter (while they use other software to carry on) explaining the situation. They wouldn’t be here railing at other users.
I’m also not saying there’s nothing wrong with 6.0.3. Just that it’s more likely, given so few posters rushing here in their thousands with the same problem, to be a few systems reporting here.
If several thousand people are using software for the same thing without problems and one crashes the guy that’s crashed can shout BUG as loud and as long as he wants. Everyone does the math and tries to explain the situation as best they can. And it is quite a normal occurence for the latest version of anything to crash an “outdated” computer. It’s gotta happen sometime, even to me. The difference between 6.0.2 & 6.0.3 is not reflected in the version numbers. Keep putting weights on a rope. It’s going to break sometime. Doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with the last weight.

And on to paaltio. I agree computers do not have souls (? so where did that come from?). I also agree your point about a lot of problems being driver related. I never said to anyone they need a new computer. I disagree that higher CPU usage and disk I/O usage would induce crashes. So nothing overloads them then? Certainly data overload on the Northside bus (the data buffer between ram and CPU which i3/5/7 systems don’t have) on heavy midi, librarian and FX use can. Other people have 6.0.3 working on XP just fine? They may have but that OS support has been dropped, which is probably why there is NO support for anyone reporting problems when using that OS.