How Cubase can run so stupid bad out of the box?

Out of the box. I am very disappointed with Cubase and Steinberg’s “LARGE REPUTATION”. I got a MacBook (mid-2014) Mojave with 16gb of ram and apollo twin thunderbolt 2. I can run almost flawless software like Ableton, logic and pro tools. After buying a license of Cubase I felt like fooled by something unacceptable as a working daw. With just 2 or 3 tracks (whatever instruments or samples) mixed it full blows the load bar and software become unresponsible. I ASK YOU SIR… how can I work with 70 -100 tracks (average) in my production if the system blows with 3-5 tracks? I’ve tried everything like downgrading apollo drivers to earlier compatible versions and nothing changes at all. Mojave seems not so good but worst is going up or down in the scale. Does anyone have serious suggestions to try other than pack this piece of flower and drop with a brick at the store that sells me so stupid piece of software? I appreciate any help. despite all the flourish possibilities the driver sounds unacceptable for audio production in my system. I will drop it to trash if it did not run properly. Its a shame I think. Steinberg stinks in my first impression!!! :angry: :angry: :angry:

ps. I did upgrade to 10.5 and 10.5.5 and nothing changed!!! Double fooled I felt now.

If your running Ableton logic and pro tools OK i would return it via the brick method suggested.
Shame you did not try a demo first.
What was that cubase feature you wanted that none of the others had?

Shame on you to offer me a brick back. What kind of professional you are sir? Is that what Steinberg represents to users?
Shame is to use a software that works like a DAW 20 years ago sir.
Despite its flourish functions having a full load with 3-5 tracks, it is more than a shame.
Yes, maybe I have trusted you “reputation” before trial.
What now?
Are you going to full refund me with giving it back?
Certainly not seated in your comfortable office running the latest workstation and everything sounds perfect.

At start fullscreen mode is not implemented and full-blown load bar with 3-5 tracks what the hell is that?

Hope you understand me. I am a fully accredited audio engineer (58 yo.)

Shame on you…

If you have no suggestions to get the problem around please shut up your mouth and go back to your top-level workstation. You ego person.
Not everyone has access to that and I consider a MacBook + uad, not a junk pack for producing.
I thought you are official from Steinberg.
A brick in your head dude!


Currently Cubase Pro 10.5… doesn’t work properly with Mojave:

The only suggestion I can offer, if it’s possible.
Try downloading Cubase Pro 10.0… and use that version until they fix it…

Then why not behave like one :unamused:

For a professional engineer cubase is fully tax deductible and pocket and money in price.
Hardly worth the money you would loose in the time taken to take it back to the shop.
(What pro BUYS from a shop?)

From the way someone puts his/her words in the headline of a topic one can conclude about the niveau of the posting.

This is a user forum, one might ask for help of other users. If you lack impulse control this is not the right place to post. Breath through, utter your question and people will try to help.

To the OP: It’s always a good practice to try before you buy, and the problems described in your post are certainly beyond what Mac users are experiencing. Since there is no additional info that would help in troubleshooting your problem, I’ll close this topic.

Please note that those who responded are simply other Cubase users, not Steinberg staff, SB staff profiles are clearly marked as such.

Please feel welcome to repost with troubleshooting info.

Steinberg provides one of the easiest ways to re-sell your license, so maybe you will take heart in that. Best of luck.