How do I cut an unwanted frequency from recording?

Hi, I’ve been trying to record an acoustic guitar but there is a lot of static/ fuzz noise coming through in the recording. I tried playing around with the EQ and I’ve made it a lot better, but it still has some static I can hear. Is there any way I can record just the static and select that frequency and tell Cubase to ignore that specific frequency if that makes sense? Any help appreciated (: :smiley:

You would need a DeNoiser to do that. Wavelab Elements (which features Cubase integration) has a plugin called RestoreRig, which includes a DeNoiser module:

This video explains how the Cubase integration works, and gives a few examples of how it can be used:

Alternatively, you could just upgrade to Cubase Elements ($49), which includes high pass and low pass filters in every channel. It wont give you results as good as a DeNoiser, but they’re better than a basic EQ for removing unwanted noise.

I explained the main differences between Cubase AI and Cubase Elements here:

Thanks for the reply, but I don’t fancy spending 100 Euro to get rid of microphone noise. I’m sure I’ll find s free plugin that can do that, but thanks for putting me in the right direction!


My thinking is, if there’s a noise then find the source of the noise and fix it. A faulty lead or connection, a dud mic, an earth-loop, dirty mains power… whatever it is. Hearing the noise might be helpful to diagnosing it.