how do I do a laissez-vibrer tie that ENDS at a note?

When I invoke it in Write Mode in Properties after selecting the note to which I’d like to add this tie, it by default extends it from the note to the right:

How do I create one that starts left of the note and terminates ON the note? Thanks!

  • D.D.

You can move it in Engrave mode to its proper position.

Is there yet any way to have a laissez vibrer tie that starts at the note and goes LEFT without having to manually adjust it in Engraving? As you can see, that would be a lot of manual adjustments to the first note of the 2nd ending in each part so I’m hoping there’s a quicker way now?:

Thanks for any help!

  • D.D.

There isn’t. You can always position one correctly and then copy it to the other staves, though, which should save you considerable time.

That’s such a common thing to do (certainly in jazz) - fingers crossed that they add an easier way to do this in the future…

  • D.D.

I can’t say for sure of course, but considering the number of times this request has been made, both here on the forum and on Facebook, I think it’s very likely.

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There’s been talk of the team going back to repeat endings (no pun intended) to fix LOTS of things; not just ties. Doing these things properly takes time.

Absolutely - I can wait and in the meantime will continue to enjoy my 50% or greater boost in productivity from using Dorico to my “previous program” :slight_smile:

  • D.D.

Took me a moment to figure out how to do this, but I see I can create “right-leaning” laissez-vibrer ties, and in Engrave Mode (using the Properties panel below) select all of them and change the start and end x-offsets to move them to the left. HOWEVER, why doesn’t this change Propagate when I Select All (ie. my entire score) when displaying the entire Score and from Write Mode choose Edit-Propogate Properties? Does this mean I still need to go through and manually change each individual laisse-vibrer tie to angle to the left in each and every part? (just checking!)

  • D.D.

Three options:

  1. Copy and paste the note and repitch each one.
  2. Copy and paste these values. You can multiselect all the lv ties and update them all simultaneously.
  3. If you’re a real masochist, multiselect all the right endpoints and drag one of them into position. Then multiselect all the middle points and drag one of them into position.

Thanks - I’ll try this.

  • D.D.

Dear D.D.
If you propagate properties in Write mode, only the properties present in the properties panel will be propagated. Try the same action in Engrave mode, those l.v. ties might propagate better (not sure about it. What is sure is that properties that cannot be set in Write mode won’t be propagated if triggered in Write mode.)

Marc - you’re right! That would definitely never have occurred to me. I must say that I still find the whole “Propagate Properties” thing pretty mysterious (though still critical at present) and I look forward to whatever they have up their sleeve down the line as the more permanent solution to such issues!..

  • D.D.