How Do I edit All kick drum velocity in key Editor At Once

Hi Guys, as the headline says.Is there a way to Edit all Kick drum velocity values in the Key Editor at the same time ??

Select all bass drum hits, then drag the handle in the quantize lane, in the middle top, up or down. Or, change the value in the Info bar.


You can select all notes with the same pitch by press Cmd/Ctrl, and click to the note on the left side virtual keyboard of the Key Editor. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work in the Drum Editor.

Alternatively, you can select just one note, and choose Equal Pitch – Same Octave from the Edit > Select menu. This works both, in the Key Editor and Drum Editor too.

Btw: There is no “quantize line”. I think, you mean Controller line, don’t you? In the Info Line, the value of MIDI Notes velocity is named just Velocity.

It’s good to say: all changes are made relatively. It means, if one note has Velocity 90, second one has 100, and you increase it, the first will have 100, and second one will have 110, after changes. If you want to set all notes for the same Velocity, use Fixed Velocity Function.

You guys are the best.