How do I export an Audio track to my desktop?

In Pro Tools, I can highlight my Mix track by clicking on it and export the track onto my desktop. Simple.

How do you do that in Cubase Pro 8?

PT Export.png

FILE> EXPORT AUDIO MIXDOWN. It’s almost the same as PT (except better)

Make a keyboard shortcut for it and it’s even faster.

I saw this, but is there a way to do this w/o selecting the beginning and end of the file?


No. You’ve always got to define the start and end points of an export.

So how is this faster than PT? In PT, I click on the file and export.

Your post sounded like you wanted to export. Now that I know what you’re talking about, it’s irrelevant, cos Cubase doesn’t have that feature.

I have a pretty complex system. I like to print back into Cubase. After doing so, I export the file (usually a 24/48) onto my desktop. I guess there isn’t a way to do this?

Right. Guess not.
You can export the file as I said above, or just grab the file from your project’s Audio folder and copy to desktop.

I would do export. Batch export, actually. It’s faster and bypasses the main bus.

Ok thanks, I’ll give that a try.

There’s actually a way to do it and you don’t have to define start/end points.

Highlight the mix audio file, and under File > Export, choose Selected Tracks. A window pops up to Copy. Choose a place on your desktop and it creates your audio mix file and .xml file.

I don’t know how to Copy to my desktop without the .xml file, but this seems to be quickest IMO.

Cool! I’ll remember that if I need to do same.

enjneer, got a question for you.

Is there a way to select the audio track so that it ‘automatically’ creates a start/end point, instead of my having to do this manually? Thx.

Not that I know of.

You only need to hit “P” after selecting any clip/range (i.e., whatever is selected, P will make the start/end match the start/end of the selection)

If you mean “track” explicitly, i.e., You have the Track (not the clips on it) selected, I have a hotkey made for “select all on track” to help with this kind of thing too.

The only way I know how to do this is by selecting the audio clip or multiple audio clips and then pressing the Qwerty key “P” (As Enjneer has said). Pretty painless! :wink:


Hey guys, thanks for the info regarding “P”, but I’m using Pro Tools key commands. It’s easier that way. :slight_smile:

If I wanted to add P in the PT key command, under what section would P be added?


It’s called “Locators to Selection”
Assign whichever shortcut you like.

Thanks enjneer. I appreciate it.

Hey enjoyer, almost there.

Under Edit > Macros > Export Selection on Selected track(s), I’d like to add a key command to that. Where would I locate that in the Key Command? I tried looking for it in the Macros section, but it doesn’t allow me to add a key command.

Hey thanks again for your help. Man I appreciate it.

My pleasure.

If I may, why are you working in Cubase? Business or pleasure? Making a switch, or just broadening your horizons?

Are you seeing this in Key Commands?

If your macro shows up in that Macro folder, then you can assign a key to it.