How do I raise a technical support ticket (UK)

How do I raise a technical support ticket (I’m in the UK)? Following the help links from Dorico takes me to a page that gives me the choice of “Registration, activation or licensing issue” or “Other Inquiry (not for technical support)”, so what do I do if it is technical support I need? (I’ve tried asking here in for forum, but haven’t made any progress.)

Not wanting to put down our support stuff, but in the difficult case that you raised in the other thread, they will involve me anyway, so you are already helped in the best way here in the forum.

The link in My Steinberg Account attempts to go to ZenDek by the look of it, then logs me out. Hopeless.
What is the email address?
I own quite a lot of Steinberg products here & expect at least some degree of technical support against those purchases.

In particular: am presently migrating & installing on a new Mac Pro 7,1 running Mac OS Catalina 10.15.2.
To cut a much longer story short, many of the (latest) Absolute 4 installers give an error at the installl, but with no useful information other than ‘contact the manufacturer’ Ha!
After some jiggling with the Library Manager, libraries are all registered and working.
However, this is for only VST3 plugins.
NONE of the AU plugins are recognised with Logic, Ableton Live, Digital Performer or Studio One.

From the Steinberg Catalina compatibility documents, there is no reference to this.

How do I raise a formal support ticket with Steinberg?

Hello guys, asking Steinberg for support by sending tickets, or callings is complicated thing, and unfortunately
most often they end up with no real help for the users. The best place for asking for support is here! :slight_smile:
The team behind Dorico are very kind and helpful people! :slight_smile:
Unfortunately the same isn’t valid for those behind Cubase… probably the worst support in the DAW business! :frowning:

Best wishes,

The link within your MySteinberg account should go here:

Thanks for replying, appreciated. But, same as per the OP:
Click on the ‘My Requests’ tab and then indicates ‘Goodbye!’ nuts …

Sorry to hear that. Can you try another browser? I’m not aware of any issues with users being spontaneously logged out when they try to submit a ticket, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any!

FWIW, when I try to create a support ticket, it leads me to a list of distributors. All attempts bring me back to mySteinberg and it leads nowhere :frowning: