How do I route the click to channel sends

Is there a way to alter/change/adapt where the click is sent to? I’ve set up send channels for alternative headphone mixes, but how do I route the click so the headphone channels can hear them?

Can you add/remove the click to a bus?



You can do this with the control room in the full version of Cubase.

I’m not 100% sure, but I don’t think you can specifically route it to a specific bus.

You could use a virtual instrument and route the MIDI click to it, then route the output from that instrument to your send channels.

You can change the routing by changing where the little check mark in the “Click” column of the VST Outputs (F4) is.

But you can only choose one set of outputs at a time, so Shinta’s Control Room suggestion is probably the way to go (I don’t use Control Room yet), or if you have something like RME Total Mix (ditto!).

I was able to check multiple output busses for the click in elements. :confused:

Excellent, even better! Thanks for correcting me!

Wow! You guys rock! Thanks a million. I’ve never noticed the “click” column in the outputs tab of VST Connections. To make it very clear to anyone else who might search this thread, here is where you go:

VST Connections>Outputs>(you then create your output bus)>select “Click” in the Click column for the appropriate bus

I appreciate your help.

I should have mentioned that I am running Total Mix, but was trying to do the click bussing within Cubase.


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