How do I save both inserts & send fx at the same time

Hi, two questions

  1. How do I save my settings for my audio track including both inserts & send fx?
    (I have got a pretty good lead vocal sound and want to use the same settings for an other project.)
  2. And, how do I import this settings to my new project
    Kind regards
    //Peter Stedt

Right click on mixer, save selected channels (after selecting required channels and FX channels)

In new project right click on mixer, load selected channels (after creating and selecting required channels and FX channels)

I recall this does seem to work across (separate) projects - but there’s still problems of it not (fully…?) working within the same project - and that’s disappointing, at this stage of the game… :neutral_face:

See here:-

Now, select your channel and use either CTRL+C and CTRL+V for copy/pasting OR you can try ‘Save Channel/Load Channel’ settings - unfortunately the problem outlined in the video at the above link still stands at C6…

Maybe its just with this compressor ‘sidechain’ scenario (I’ll get round to some more testing when I’m back at my machine in a few days). But even still, seems a shame…

Hi Split
I was hoping for some easier way to do this, now I have to create a new channel and even the FX channels. I think I keep on searching to solve it, thanx anyway :slight_smile:

Hi Puma0382
I´ll try your example but I do not have any compressor ‘sidechain’ scenario problems. I just want to save all my inserts and sends fx to some kind of new preset (I know how to save a new preset with just my inserts only). Maybe I can save just this audio track as it is and import it to another project?

Hi - well, apologies first; not wanting to hijack your thread… Try this only if you get time/feel inclined… :wink:

In which case, I think you should be fine - saving/loading channel settings (as ‘split’ mentions) should work ok; certainly with my example, when performing this across different projects… :wink:

And to be clear/complete, I cannot check right now whether save/load channel settings is fully working correctly, when doing so within the same project… (The ‘sidechain’ compressor issue is only one instance/example, of that save/load process, which doesn’t work within the same project…)

Well of course if the channels exist already then all is ok. I don’t really see the problem with creating a few channels to load the saved channels into!