How do I send a guitar track to a bus?

I’m just getting into mixing and mastering and want to send a guitar track to a stereo bus to add some EQ?
How do I do this?
I’m using Cubase Essential 4.

You use a send or the output routing (depending on what exactly you want to use - though it seems to me you probably don´t know that yourself…?) to a group or output or FX bus.

Depending on what you want to do - as thinkingcap points out your question could be a few things - but basically, press F4, this brings up the connections window - go to the output tab and set up your stereo bus.

Close F4 and go back to Cubase, select your guitar track and assign the out to the stereo bus you set up.

To assign the FX, you can either put it as an insert or a send, lets do that as a send so: Right click and add FX Track. Assign something like REVerence (cant remember which ones are available in 4 specifically) - you’re going to pick a reberb type fx from the list, then click on the Sends part on the left side of your guitar track, click the “on button” graphic, select the reverb fx from the drop down, and then put a value of how much of the guitar track you want to send to the fx - just click in the middle and go from there depending on what you like sound wise.

Dont forget it’s a combination how wet (strong) you made the FX, and how much you’re assigning of the guitar track.

Hope that helps.

Thanks a lot - I’ll try that later.

Additionally (if that´s the problem…)