How do I slow the record down?

Hello All,
I have been using Cubase 5 and I just ordered Cubase 7 and waiting for shipping.

Does anybody know how to make the effect where it sounds like the record slowing down. We hear it all the time, like the DJ hit the stop button and the turntable is drifting to a stop, but it picks back up without losing time.


There are 3 elastique pro stretch algos that you can apply to an audio file. Here is example of the Tape Algo

There are also Several VST’s which do this realtime. :nerd:

Just to be clear, the stretch algos work in real time as well. You can tie them to the tempo, or warp points, etc…

This plugin’s fun - tape stop -


YES!! The Tapestop VST is pretty good… It’s not perfect but its FREE and I can work around the bugs.