How do I uninstall Dorico 5 so I can reload it. I have no starting icon

I was supposed to get a one-month free trial, but when I downloaded it, I was left with no starting icon on the bar at the bottom of my Mac pages, so I can’t get int. I’ve contacted both you as well as FastSpring, which is apparently where I got the trail from even though I was on your site. You both keep passing the buck, saying to talk to the other guy to sort it out. Can I please get some action on this? It’s been over a week and I have work to do. I’d like to remove the whole thing and start again, but I’m afraid that if I do that, I’ll make a bigger mess. So how do I uninstall it? Please don’t give me some advanced explanation. I’m not young and didn’t grow up with computers. Just help me get this mess off so I can start again.

@Suzanne_Demontigny , welcome.

You have come to the right place. @dspreadbury or another member of the Development Team is likely to contact you shortly.

As a happy user of the software, I am sorry you have had difficulty and expect someone will get you up and running very soon. Sorry you have had difficulty.

Do you mean no icon in the Dock? The installer doesn’t add one.
It should just be in the Applications folder with all your other apps – is it in there?

Did you actually install it after downloading it?

It’s all installed for sure. And yes, it is in my application folders. And apparently activated. But how to start the program. That’s my problem. I have no clue.

Just click in the Dorico icon.

You double-click on the app icon in the Applications folder.

What Dorico icon. There isn’t one.

Okay. This is what I have in my applications: Steinberg Activation Manager, Steinberg Download Assistant, and Steinberg Library Manager. That’s it. Not a word about Dorico. So what do I do?

I would return to the download page for SE in the Steinberg Download Assistant and click Install All.

It’s all there!

Okay, so I installed it all again. But it seems to me that I need some sort of code that didn’t come with the free trial. So how can I remove the whole thing so I can get it from a reputable dealer? I’m soooooo frustrated. It’s been more than a week.

Yes, you need a code for a trial or for a permanent license. This code is sent to you by e-mail.

It sure wasn’t. Believe me, I looked everywhere.

Welcome to the forum, Suzanne, and I’m really sorry that you’ve had a frustrating time getting your Dorico trial up and running on your Mac. I’ve taken a peek in your Steinberg ID account and it looks as if you successfully activated Dorico on your Mac on 27 March, but it sounds like you’ve so far been unable to actually run the application itself.

You shouldn’t need any code or anything at this stage: the trial is registered to your account, and in recognition of the fact that you’ve not been able to run it for the last week, I’ve extended the trial period by a week for you, so you can still have the full 60 days to try Dorico out.

So let’s take stock: if you run Steinberg Download Assistant and navigate to Dorico Pro 5 in the categories on the left-hand side, when you look on the right-hand side, Dorico 5.1.30 Application Installer shows a filled green progress bar, and the button to the right says Install Again?

If so, then you really should be able to find a Dorico 5 icon in your Applications folder. Make sure the Finder is the active application, and from your Mac’s menu bar, choose Go > Applications (or type Shift-Command-A). You should see the Dorico 5 icon in the Finder window that pops up.

If you can’t find it there, please try launching it via Spotlight: type Command-Space to show the Spotlight input field, and type Dorico in there: hopefully it will show you Dorico 5 as an option immediately below the input field. Select it with the arrow keys and hit Return to launch the application.

My son just helped me get it going. It definitely wasn’t anything I’d ever figure out on my own in an entire lifetime. He has a degree in computer science. I have a master’s in Music Composition. Now my next question is how do I set it up so it works with Note Performer?

Go to Play > Playback Template > find Note Performer > Apply and Close.

I’m glad you’re up and running, Suzanne. To make Dorico use NotePerformer by default in each new project you start, go to the Dorico menu in the Mac’s menu bar, then choose Preferences (or type Command-,), and in the Preferences dialog that appears, go to the Play page, and set Default playback template to NotePerformer. Now click Apply followed by Close.

I have another question. Dorico’s working decently now except that my four performers (I use Note Performer) are all one channel even though I have them listed as separate instruments. How do I change this? Also, I can barely hear the viola, particularly since it’s all on the one channel.

Most folks set relative base values for NP sounds (like for your viola) in the NP Mixer rather than the Dorico Mixer, although there is a work-around that will feed instances of NP to separate Dorco Mixer channels.

And so how do I do all that?