how do i upgrade my cubase 5.0.1 to 5.5.3?

Hi guys,
I have recently had to upgrade my system and so naturally ive had to reinstall cubase, however its been a few years since i have had to do this and ive forgotten the process to upgrade from cubase 5.0.1 up to 5.5.3 (which was the last upgrade for this version if i remember correctly) there used to be a webpage on the steinberg site which walked you through this but its no longer there, doe anyone know the process? im thinking there was a version 5.1.1 then maybe after that 5.5.0 then 5.5.3 but i have tryed this way and the updates dont work , so i thought maybe i had to do these with my anti virus off (dunno where i got this from) but still not working, any ideas anyone? any help would be gratefully received



the downloads are located here:

You first need to install 5.5.0, then 5.5.3 - lastly, you can apply the HALion Sonic 1.6.3 (recommended), which is further down the page.

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Thank you for the swift reply Fabio,
however i have been trying this and the upgrade files dont seem to work correctly, when i run them, i get a little box with a green loading line on it , which when it gets to the end flashes up another window, which is too fast and i cannot identify it, and that is it, no error message or any thing, so then i load cubase and it is still the same build.
i cant work out what is causing this, i have tryed to run them with my firewall and antivirus off to see if this made a diffrence but is still the same.
any ideas what may cause this?

thnx in advance


that’s pretty strange - I’m going to PM you the link for the 5.5.0 ISO image.
You can apply 5.5.3 straight on top of that.


ah thanks, thats great, i appreciate your help Fabio, ill let you know how i get on :slight_smile:

I have the exact same issue here:

  • Fresh install of Windows 7 (64-bit) all updates applied
  • Installed Cubase out of the box and that runs fine
  • Installing update 5.5: loading screen fill up, a flash of another window and then nothing

what can I do?

Have you tried the usual workarounds like starting the installer in “administrative mode” ? (right click the installer, choose run as administrator")

Yes I’ve tried that, there is no difference in behaviour.
Also tried installing the 32-bit version of Cubase and running the update, but it won’t help.

try getting the latest version of elicenser, that and the i.s.o that fabio sent me has fixed it, however now i cant activate it because it needs a new pass code, and i dont have one :cry:

Hello Fabio, could you please mail me the 5.5.0 ISO link (Win) too?

Hello Fabio, could you send me the link ISO 5.5.0 for pc,I have the latest version of elicenser, thank you for avace

merci ce n’est pas la peine parce que j’ai trouvé ce lien

(Thank you, it’s not worth the trouble- because I found this link.)

(please also post in English in the English language forum)