How do you get a stable synch with VST Pro?

So, all of the setup and utility trails are FINALLY OVER! :grin: I can consistently set up a remote session with no problems now EXCEPT getting a stable synch.

Both the drummer and I have strong internet service and blisteringly powerful computers on LAN connections. But we still have shakey synch issues.

The synch light is solid green 90% of the time. But every so often, I will get a slow red light. We’ve lost several really good takes because VST Pro wouldn’t hold the synch through to the end of the song. :rage:

We both checked for packet loss and came up empty. There was zero loss on either side. What else is there to check to get a better lock? I NEED this thing to be rock solid stable for 6 to 8 hr streches. Is this not possible?

What do I need to do to get a more RELIABLE performance out of this?

I don’t have an answer but I’m curious as to how you test for packet loss?

Is it possible that even though the synch loss issue screws up my Nuendo stereo print, that the HD Files on the Drummer’s side might still be in tact?

I imagine they are – they were recorded on that machine.

But how are you testing for packet loss, what endpoint are you pinging?

How big is the difference between the fastest and slowest ping response?

But are you pinging the VST Connect route, or just

It’s the exact route you are using that matters, I think. Any machine along the route your data is traveling can be a culprit.

100 out of 100 showed no loss on my side.

No loss on the drummer’s side.

You’re testing the route from your machine to Cloudflare servers, or whatever server that website uses, and not the route VST Connect is taking. So this test would not reveal a problem-- and even if it did it doesn’t apply to the route VST Connect takes.

Does that make sense?

I guess. So, HOW should we be testing to find the problem? Like I said when we’re connected, I’ve got a solid green light 90% of the time. I’m hoping that if I can track down this issue, it will help remove freezing and dropped connection issues with Skype sessions as well.

The results you posted show a good quality connection, but this is not a measurement of your VST Connect connection – it’s a measurement of the connection between those websites and your machines, and what you need is the actual route being used between you and your partner.

But it doesn’t really matter – As you point out, the problem isn’t unique to VST Connect- all online real-time programs face the same thing. They are subject to variances along the route that cannot be controlled.

Here’s what an ordinary layman like you or I can look at to improve the situation:

  • Switch to a wired connection if you currently use wifi.
  • Raised the Remote Delay Seconds value.

From the English language manual, p.28:
If the sync LED in the diagnostics section lights up during playback often, consider increasing this delay time.

seconded. What is your Remote Delay setting? Try 2 (seconds).