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Re: How do you get a stable synch with VST Pro?

I was trying to nail down the last issue with recording my drummer remotely. I changed the Remote Delay to 2 seconds and the Synch problem appears to be solved. But, for some reason that escapes me, I couldn’t access any of the generated files!

I record armed 9 tracks of drums. He played the song and I got my Stereo Performer Ref Track. Then, I went to the Manager Tab to access the 9 individual tracks and, as you can see from the screen shot, there were NO HD FILES TO DOWNLOAD. The Drummer had them on his computer and he will WeTransfer me the files later. But WHY didn’t I have direct access to the files?

EVERYthing else was exactly as I’d hoped. We had a strong link (the lights stayed solid green the entire performance. There was no echo. He could hear me clearly. I could hear him clearly. He had no trouble locking to the guide track. We were so excited! Then we waited for the files to generate in the Manager Tab and NOTHING. ALL the activity of rendering was on his computer. I didn’t even have my stereo recording listed in the Recordings Tab, though I could clearly see it in the project window. :flushed:

What did I miss this time? :thinking:

Honestly I don’t know. Could you send us the ‘performerProjectXXX.xml’ file from the Performers’ folder (named after the Cubase project), and if you don’t mind, also the Cubase project file? No audio files needed, just those two files? Then we can analyse why the Manager shows no files. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Well, that leads me to believe that the project was corrupted.

During setup, I got the VST Repair notice. When I selected it, I got a Crashed/Save your work notice. As the file was empty, I saved under a new name, closed the project and re-opened it. From then on, things went smoothly until the results I mentioned.

I’ll try again with a completely fresh session to see if it works properly.

I’ve had this multiple times. The last session, I ended up using AnyDesk to get into the remote computer and I uploaded the files to google drive so I could get them. VST Connect said there were no files to get when there was actually 72 files. It was a PITA to import the wav files and then sort them according to what they were and what their start point was.

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Well, THAT’S distressing news! :worried: I’ve been having numerous problems with the system in general that I FINALLY traced down to a bad install of Nuendo 11. Once I deleted it, everything went back to working as expected. I have since re-installed N11.1 and it seems to be working properly now (no more “Whack A Mole” chasing down files that SHOULD be in a particular folder, but for some reason are invisible). So, I was just thinking I should set up another session with my drummer. Reading this news in not instilling any confidence in the expected results. :cry:


SB has marketed this program like it was Garage Band or something and it is absolutely NOT, which is clearly evident by all of the same questions being asked over and over again by new users. The manual is horrible and some design issues make absolutely no sense at all!

Why can’t you label tracks? That omission alone is absurd. In over 30 years, I have never done a recording session where the talent decided what inserts or fx needed to be added to the recording chain. So, who decided that, not only giving them access to those controls but keeping the actual engineer of the session from accessing them was a good idea? :rage:

Right now, I’m testing this with ALL PROS (Full time players and or engineers with their own studios) and know what to expect and are able to assist me with trouble shooting. But, when I “go live” with this, my first clients are going to be STUDENTS trying to make their first recordings (demos/EPs/CDs etc). They don’t know squat! I’ll be teaching/guiding them through the entire session. Many will not even have any DAW at all, just their audio interface connected to the Performer side of this app. They won’t know about FTP services to send me the files that were recorded on their computers. I NEED TO BE IN COMPLETE CONTROL! I NEED TO BE ABLE TO RUN THE SESSION AND COLLECT THE RESULTING FILES INTO NUENDO IMMEDIATELY AT THE CONCLUSION OF THE SESSION! Issues like dropping connections are already making this hard enough to market. But if I have to worry about the reliability of the program itself during the session, it’s unlikely that I’ll get another chance.

My supposed “Final Destination (after several successful test sessions with paying customers)” is to be able to record one of those over seas orchestras. I’m TRYING to put VST Connect PRO up against all the studios advertising Source-Connect (the now default industry standard replacement for ISDN)! I’ve got to KNOW that when I log into a session with the Czech Orchestra, my client won’t be worried to death that their money just got flushed down the toilet with some rinky dink wanna be music producer! I have to be able to log in, put on my engineer’s hat, work in tandem with their crew and COLLECT MY FILES IMMEDIATELY for mixing, while my client sit’s in the producer’s chair confident that I have everything under control (at least AT MY END)!

@Keyplayer Honestly I did not read your last post, but I just wanted to say – if the developer asks you to send some files for troubleshooting and you don’t, it certainly doesn’t speed up getting a solution.

sorry man, to fix things we need time and we haven’t enough to read endless text with a lot of CAPITAL words in it. Thanks for the files though.

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One more thing though: we cannot control plugins on an external computer. This is not Team Viewer or RDP.
So it’s not that we “decided” to not do it, but because it’s way out of scope for this product.

I never said anything about controlling plugins on someone else’s computer. I said I should be able to access my plugins on my computer through my VST Pro App.

But the plugin (there is no “App”) does not support hosting plugins itself, what woukld that be good for anyway?