How do you guys like the CC121?

Hi all

I’ve been checking out the CC121 and it does look nice. Having a real fader and knobs seems like it would be useful to have.

The transport to me does not seem that useful as those controls are already on the numeratic keypad and are easy to use there.

I am really curious how users of this hardware are finding it.
Do you like it? Would you recommend getting it?

Hi Whitla -

I would most certainly recommend the CC121. Okay, it’s probably overpriced, but for me the moving fader and the jog wheel alone go a long way toward making it worth the expense. Apart from its usefulness, I also find it fun to use and would now not want to be without it.

I do however look forward to the implementation of improved button illumination under low-level lighting conditions, as requested elsewhere in this section.

  • 1, but it´s overpriced :slight_smile:

What do you guys think it is worth?

What should CC121 cost? Hard to say, but around 200GBP I would think.

But having had the thing for nearly a year I no longer begrudge the expense. Certainly if I dropped it down the stairs I would buy another one straight away.

I shall try to be careful. :slight_smile:


The CC121 could be find already on ebay and other internet shops for a far cheaper price that in the official music stores. (still sold for CHF 560.00)
For, I saw recently a device sold fo CHF 180.00 = EUR 150.00 = GBP??

Just for information :unamused:


I’m in Canada and have not checked the cost here yet. In the states Sweetwater is selling it for $429.99.

Bigger issue for me is it might not fit on my desk!

It’s well worth finding room for it. Good unit.

I bought mine when the were intially released.

Would I buy it again. Probably not. It has amazing potential but it has 2 glaring design flaws.

  1. The EQ section knobs are not in the same order as Nuendo (and Cubase I believe) software eq sections. This has not just slowed me down, but has caused me to actually move the wrong knob from what was a correct setting. The hardware and software eq knobs should match each others order. Its really that simple and this design flaw is infuriating to the point that I just avoid using the CC121 for eq, which is shame as this was a major reason I wanted to buy it.

  2. The lights are only lit when on. This means the surface is very dark and its hard to see the buttons in a dimly lit studio.

Both of these issues have been widely complained about for over a year but have yet to be fixed. Considering that, I would recommend you wait until they are fixed or buy something else… which I generally wish I had done.

I totally agree with wavcatcher. The EQ being the wrong way round is very frustrating, that’s for sure. And the lights should be a no-brainer for such a top end piece of kit. Surely both these issues could be rectified in a software fix?

It’s a great device, and I use it a lot for transport, the slider and the monitor and record buttons, but I am not sure it is worth the high cost.

OK what other products are worth considering???

Really getting the fader and panner are what I really want.

Are you really looking that much on screen when adjusting Eq?

Well, yeah, I look at the screen because I’m constantly not sure which knob I’m grabbing. The lack of consistency is a concentration killer.

The build quality of the CC121 is excellent. But the two issues (lights being off on the controller and the eq knobs being in a different order than the software) are a big workflow impediment.

The real head scratcher is that the CC121 was designed exclusively to work with Cubase and Nuendo and somehow the product developer thought it made sense to REVERSE the order of the entire eq section! There is no way to put a good spin on this. I agree that the gain knobs are more handy on the bottom which is why I’ve repeatedly suggested that Cubase and Nuendo have an “eq knob preference” added in an upcoming software update. That way users could choose, the current software order or the CC121 order. Then everyone is happy!

Difficult question to answer, but what is the feel of transport (and other) buttons like? So many of these cheapish controllers have that horrid cheap-feeling magnetic clunk buttons - for example, Presonus Faderport. Are the CC121 buttons like that? Or soft like a Mac keyboard (I actually really like controlling things from the keyboard - light and positive)

I guess i should drag myself to a dealer and try one…

The transport buttons remind more of a 1990’s keyboard soft button from the 1990s than an actual Mac keyboard.

They are a bit soft when pressing but do have a click. I like them very much but wouldn’t have minded if they were a big more firm and clicky. But as they are I find them completely acceptable and they feel solid, not cheap at all.

So I picked a cc121 up yesterday and am really liking it so far.

The eqs are so handy this way it finally got me using the native cubase eqs rather than 3rd party ones.

I really like the metal case and the controls feel solid.

I am a brand new user with just a few hours of experience on the CC121. Overall it’s been good and I need to do more homework to see what I’m missing before I pass a verdict. I love having the EQ knobs, a flying fader and the transport control. I’m still trying to get it ingrained in my engrams that I don’t have to do it all with the mouse anymore.

I’m a bit confused about the AI knob. I thought I could use it to control the project window but so far have only been able to use it on mixer window and plug-in controls. I mostly wanted the AI knob to control the time scale magnification of the project window but have not yet figured out how to do that. I thought it was a hover-the-mouse-and-tweak-away kind of deal.

You can use the function keys (above the Al knob) 2to do what you want. I was checking this out last week. In fact I think the default settings are zooming in and out. You can assign these at:
Devcies > Device Setup > Steinberg cc121

I also have not utilized the AL knob, however it is discussed on page 21 of the manual. I think I have a look at that myself.

Hi - Can you use it to push buttons, like toggling the click track, or Punch In/Out buttons?

Thanks for that, Bredo!

For punch in and out you can use the transport on the CC121.