How do you rate the SB tech support?

I contacted the SB tech support two times:

  • first time: I got an answer after 9 days
  • second time: I wrote May 20 and no answer so far…

how would you rate this?

That would depend on the kind of question that was asked…
And if it is too slow for you, you should try phone support - my guess is, it might be faster…

it also depends on who receives the emails and what folder they go in , I had one support request take nearly 3 weeks because it went in the wrong folder BUT as soon as Steinberg apologised and acknowledged the email the support was very good indeed

+1 here.

I have always received responses to support request usually within 24 hours of the request. Chris and Jeff do a great job !


I agree. Both are pleasant to deal with and as knowledgeable as you could ask for.

On the other hand…

  • first time: I got an answer after 9 days
  • second time: I wrote May 20 and no answer so far…

That is completely unacceptable. If I were a SB employee reading this, I would be looking into this immediately.

Either that, or you might find out he´s not the only one contacting support and waiting …

wow, it looks like the US Steinberg support is more efficient or they get way less requests…

Sure, but for people using Cubase at work (not my case) do you really think they can wait more than 10 days for a reply?

I’ m certain those who rely on Cubase for work use the phone support, if there’ s a problem they can’ t solve themselves…
And no, IMHO support can not be totally free, and therefore those who pay should have priority…

I’m genuinely sad to say this, but on a personal note, I’ve found the customer services / support service is horrendous.

I’ve been met with a condescending tone every time I have been in touch for support. Simple politeness does not cos a penny. “please” and “thank you” Seem to have gone straight out the window there.

I’ve always made sure of my telephone or email manner, and take pride in showing respect. But all I got time after time was blunt replies nearly always blaming that particular issue on other manufacturers midi, or o.s / vst you name it whatever i needed help with as the time… and insisting that cubase was not to blame, it was my set-up, its always someone else’s fault. Funny thing was though…

every single time bar non, a future “cubase” update resolved the issue time and time again. Obviously the app isn’t perfect, otherwise there would be no more maintenance updates… So passing the buch can wear a bit thin.

In all honesty, that just trivial Shhhite… The most importing thing is to treat people with respect, whether in person / over the phone or through Written Word / letter /email.

Especially when these people are actually high paying customers…

Ironically though… These encounters with Steinberg Support are ludicrously few and far between. maybe waiting weeks for help. When I Complained after missing out on literally 3 or 4 paid projects after a few weeks there were vague correspondence, but not even an apology… Simple 5 year old manner teaching needed there! tut tut

Pathetic thing is, I love the product (Cubase) so i stick with it even though my pride is telling me to jack it in and line someone’s pockets with a more refine nature…

I kinda should of seen it coming though as the forum is a fumy old place… some really major issues for numerous people not even give a mention still after years. Posts and details that do pop up are very selective but the majority of posts end up turning into a guess who game with everyone just throwing back and forth hypothetical answers till either an update comes and it can be verifies, or the chance encounter with one of the team when they see fit…

Great product though… well done indeed… Just bad customer service… Instead of going the bare minimum for the customer, try and go that extra mile and you’ve got yourself a beautiful package.

Rant over… haha

Sorry about the typing errors… my keyboard is dying.

Peace to all x

With US support things have been good Since Yamaha has been in the picture. Steinberg/Jones was okay too, I don’t really remember too much. I do remember they were pretty arrogant sometimes. I don’t remember calling when Pinnacle owned Steinberg.

These posts would be more meaningful if they contained the users location, since the provider of the support is determined by that. U.S. here, obviously.

??? support is NOT free, the cost is simply included in the cost of the software…


greetings from Belgium! :smiley:

yamaha australia basicially does not answer emails or respond to calls.Zilch. Nada. Forget it. Dial 2222222 theres an answering machine that will talk to you and say “sorry you couldnt get thru why dont you leave your name and your number, and we’lll get back to you”. Leaving a message is about as useful as an ashtray on a sailboat. And you get railroaded into not being able to contact Steinberg directly on their site or being able to purchase product for direct download from Steinbergs site either, it keeps sending you back to Yamaha Australia whereby you get …a big red Brass Razoo Zero response.

i once spoke to a tech there, only by visiting a music store and getting them to ring Yamaha directly and state that they were from the store and then…wow its a miracle… they finally got through to a “tech” who would answer a question and then they passed the phone over to me in the store.

Basicially if you live in Australia…youre on your own. Which is, of course, why this forum is so important :slight_smile:


I contacted support on may 15th, I got an confirmation email, after that, nothing! Luckily I’ve found out the solution to my problem myself. But still it does not take away the fact about the horrible support. And it seems it happens frequently…

Where are you?

I think if you have a tendency to be a moaner on the forum then the support is worse , I never get reply’s :laughing: :laughing:

In the Netherlands


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe Steinberg USA offers any phone support.

You pretty much have to send a request ticket, and then hopefully someone from Steinberg will contact you within 1-3 business days and hopefully you just happen to be working in your studio so you can explain the problem. :mrgreen:

Years ago USA phone support (the type where you actually make a call and someone answers your call and your problem is immediately solved) was discontinued.