how does the rehearsemode work?

I dont think even even explains this, and I want to ask so that during next session I know what I will be doing and not just be shooting in the dark.

My thoughts are this: If rehearsemode enables me to do the following, then it sounds goos, otherwise I don’t know how it works and I would like
to know if there is a way to do this thing that I am going to describe: I would like to be able to hit playback and have my performer listen, and during this time I want to be able to for example sing something to what I hear in my playback mic, knowing that this will be in sync with the music when my performer hears it. This will enable me to coach him for example if I want to suggest him to do a guitarfill at a certain time in the song, then I can just sort of sing a couple of notes over this passage, and my performer can listen to my voice and hopefully understand what I am trying to convey. Is this what the rehearse mode enables me to do? in other words, hit playback, and speak/sing over the music and know that this will come to my performer in sync? otherwise, is there another way to do this? and also,w hat does the rehearsemode do then?


VST Connect is not a jamming tool. Rehearse mode merely overrides automatic disabling of Talkback during play. So you can coach the performer, but your Talkback mic signal is delayed against the playback for the performer by Remote Latency. Bottom line: no, when you sing along with the playback your singing will not be in sync for the Performer, as he is on a different time level. does explain this pretty clearly: “Keep in mind however that there is a long delay (as set by the Remote Latency parameter) which can be quite confusing. So for instance when you sing along to what you hear it will be significantly out of sync for the Performer.”

but there is no need for my performer to be in sync simultanously, so no im not requesting a jamming tool,
it would be no problem for cubase to send my voice in sync if he should just listen, what kind of situation is rehearsal mode for then?

While you are right in a way, such functionality is not implemented. We’ll consider to add it in a later version.
Rehearsal mode still makes sense, Studio comments on the playback, even though not in sync it’s ok for structural discussions etc (given the default Remote Latency of 1 second).

Ok, I guess that’s true, thanks alot. But please like you said, consider adding the support of talking in sync in future versions, that would be very nice
thanks again