how go back to 10.0.10 ?

whats the possible way to go back to 10.0.10 version cubase pro without re installing the all program ?
i suspect 10.0.15 crashes my computer when editing in Key/drum editor after a while ! any thought about it ? win 7 here
maybe its the new DPI thing ? possible way to disable in cubase ?

First I suggest you start Cubase in safe-start mode- hold ctrl-alt-shift while Cubase launches.

This is not helpful to you now but, always always keep backups of old installers when you update DAWs and frequently used plugins. I have a 1.5gb folder of just that.

Uninstall the update.

And maybe read some of the posts on here, before posting…
Asked only 30 minutes before you and only a few threads from the top…