How i can save only one midi instrument track ?

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When i have 3 or more instance of Halion in use , each 16 channel - 48 in total , there is a lot of PC power engaged even sometimes hearing some glitching or kliks even when buffer is increased, so if i freezing Halion i can’t edit only one track if i need to.
I want to convert each midi track of Halion to audio and later working only with audio tracks instead of midi.

Do i have to mute all tracks except only one that i want to save and then “save” the project and later take “that project” from audio folder and drop it to real project ?

Or existing more time saver method to convert midi intrument track to audio ?

As i saw once in Logic tutorial - there is button “bounce” ( i think it was that name) , when you select the track and press bounce - automaticly midi track save as audio track in audio folder.

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Im using Cubase7.

My PC is W7 / 12 GB of RAM / i7

Thank you G-string!
i was looking for that topic in search window, but could not found. :smiley: