how many regions selected ?


is there a way to know how many regions are selected in nuendo ?
i want to use the Rename Event From List feature but for that i’d like to know how many regions i have to rename.

You need to explain a bit better.
No idea what you are taling about.
So far I can only answer, you can select as many regions as you have created within an event.


regions are those little colored rectangles containing waveform on a track right ?
you might have a looong file but when you edit it you end up with those “regions” (?) are those called regions or something else ?
if yes i’m saying is there a way to automatically know how many of those regions are selected (with the select tool)…
for exemple in windows browser at the bottom you see how many files are selected and how many are in total.

on this picture i have 6 regions and 4 are selected

These are not regions. These are events. (cuts of a longer file)

Try this:
-Open a file in the Sample editor
-Use the range tool to select a region
-On the right side, you can now add a region and name it.

These regions (or sub-selections) then show up accordingly in the Pool.
You can drag them individually into the project, you can batch rename them, you can bounce them into new files, etc …

And search the manual for “regions”.


ok thanks… dam i always called those region maybe came from protools naming ? don’t remember now.