How the management to save dorico ipad 2.3 files works?

Please I urgently need you to explain me how the management to save dorico ipad 2.3 files works now.

I do not understand anything, before when creating a file directly on the ipad it was saved in the “dorico” folder in my files app.

Now it is not there, it only appears in the dorico hub and if I press to see the path I get a path that I do not know at all.

This is what my ipad file folder looks like, before upgrading I had a test file created which is still in the same place “dorico ipad”.

Now another thing that changed and I do not understand is that before it gave me the option to share the file created in dorico ipad and I could send it by different means, but the one I use the most and now it is not there is the “save to files” now it is not there!!! It appears a new option to share the file in iCloud but when I select it asks me contacts to share the file, and I do not want to share it with anyone else, what I did before was to select “save to files” and select my personal folder in iCloud and ready, now I do not see the way to do it because the original file is not saved in my “files” in the dorico ipad folder.

However, if I select to share the PDF file, I still get the “save to files” option.

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Hi Martin,
Sorry I can’t help you, I literally joined this forum 10 minutes ago in order to try & get some help myself. Since installing the new update this morning I’ve also been having all kinds of problems with saving. I recognise those pathnames that don’t seem to relate to anything stored on my iPad or my iCloud. The only way I’ve found to save is to send the Dorico project to myself then open it & resave, clumsy but at least a workaround for now. I can’t save anything directly & am experiencing constant crashes when trying. Hopefully someone more experienced will notice this & give some advice.

Yes is very disappointing actually i did the same, share the dorico file to my email.

Yeah, very disappointing. Hopefully they’ll sort it out soon.

Don’t despair, Dorico files are automatically saved on your iPad locally.
If you open the Files App, you will find a Dorico folder at root level. All your iPad Dorico files are accessible. If you want, you can shift/move them to a different location, f.e. your iCloud storage.

With this update anymore look my photos

I get exactly the same thing in this update that you found back in March, here: Update 2.1 where are the files now saved inside the ipad? - #10 by Martin_Reyna_Zuniga

If Dorico’s set to save in iCloud Drive, it does so automatically within a folder helpfully called “Dorico”.

I already restarted the iPad and nothing, the only thing that changes is that if in the settings I have iCloud selected the dorico folder disappears and select the iPad the folder appears.

But the problem is that the files I create in dorico ipad I do not know where they are saved, they do not appear in the dorico folder on the iPad when I select in the storage options the iPad, also when I select iCloud as storage no folder with the name “iPad” Em iCloud does not appear.

@dspreadbury any idea?

I am not Daniel, but can you show us what you see, if you choose “iPad” - just below “iCloud Drive”?

Right now I have selected in settings-apps-dorico-storage “icloud”.

That’s why the dorico folder does not appear

Instead if I select configuration-apps-dorico-storage “iPad”.

Automatically the dorico folder appears, but the files still do not appear there, nor anywhere else

That is interesting; I never went to Settings/Dorico/Storage yet. If I go there, I see “iCloud Drive” selected by default(?).
Still the Dorico Folder and all my Dorico files end up in the local Dorico folder “On my iPad” (which I don’t mind). I had a conversation with Daniel just three days ago: iPad - iCloud - .dorico file location - #2 by dspreadbury

It is correct initially I also had the dorico folder with the files I had before the update but I decided to reinstall the app to see the problem I mentioned in another post (when exporting a midi or xml file a file is generated in the dorico ipad hub which I can not delete, the option appears but the file simply does not delete and does not open (it says error). Dorico iPad and iCloud

Then after reinstalling the app and restarting the iPad is that happens what I mention

I will need to talk to my colleague Graham about this, as he is the one who has been working on the iCloud and Open In Place support in Dorico for iPad over the past couple of months. It looks to me as if Dorico is not correctly respecting the Document Storage option in Settings, since it seems to always save the projects into Dorico’s private iCloud location. I’m not sure why these projects don’t then simply appear in the Files app as I would expect.

It’s a holiday weekend here in the UK, so you’ll need to be patient with us as everybody is on holiday. But we will look into this as quickly as we can, and come back to you. Apologies for the inconvenience in the meantime.

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Many thanks for replying so promptly dspreadbury.

I can confirm much of what Martin has been saying. I’ve only just discovered the document storage option in Settings, but it makes no difference. Dorico still tries to save to iCloud. I’ve tried searching for a ‘test’ song file on my iCloud & on my iPad but nothing.

I’ve tried restarting the iPad, but not reinstalling Dorico, which I am very reluctant to do, especially after Martin’s experience. I still have a local ‘Dorico’ folder but nothing writes to it. There is no dedicated ‘Dorico’ folder (brown) on my iCloud Drive. The only way to load new files is from the ‘recently opened’ tab on the Dorico hub, so presumably they are stored somewhere, but nowhere visible or accessible to me.

The only other clue I have as to what might be going on is that before the update (2.3), I was very often getting a black screen when opening Dorico saying something like “testsong did not AUTOSAVE properly” & giving me the choice to discard it or try to retrieve it. Attempting to retrieve would crash the application. Discarding opened Dorico & the song was usually there, so it wasn’t really much more than an irritation. Hopefully this information is of some use to you.

PS: Apologies for not tagging your names properly, not sure how to as only my 2nd post.

Message to @dspreadbury & @Martin_Reyna_Zuniga.

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Thanks Daniel we will be patient I didn’t know it was a public holiday in UK, please tell your colleague about the other problem too, “midi and xml files that cannot be deleted from the hub”.
Here more details about it Dorico iPad and iCloud - #5 by Martin_Reyna_Zuniga

I’m having the same issue but, in addition, 2 mystery files “txt” have appeared that I cannot delete or open (error message). I’ve been living with this for a while as I’m in the middle of finishing several short pieces. THEN, there is the issue of Dorico not opening and crashing after a few seconds, going back to the iPad Pro 13.5 Home Screen. This also happened a while back. The quick fix has been to delete the app and hope my manual backups of .dorico files will work. I also have an iPadAir2 with Dorico installed and cannot share files, except for the recent use of Dropbox. Now it does not load either. To get through today, I will delete Dorico, reload, and hope for the best. PS - when this issue first began I was backing up to iCloud and wiped my iPad Pro clean, reloaded everything and it worked for a while. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Otherwise, Dorico for iPad is an incredible achievement!

Sorry to hear you’re running into this problem as well, Terry. We are working on these issues and I hope we will have some good news about some steps forward in the coming days.

Please fix it! I’ve just lost my all my files, because Dorico crashed. I was unable even to open it even after system reset, so i must reinstall it. All files from hub was gone and files was not saved on icloud as they should be. Fortunatelly i am relatively new user, so i don’t have many files, but it is still real pain.
And just now i am not far from being vulgar, because i started scoring lost files from memory and half way throuh Dorico crashed and file is lost again. Biggest problem is, that there is no option to save files directly to ipad :frowning:
Dorico for ipad is a great aplication and issues like this are such a pitty.