How to access the internal effects of the UR44?

Does anyone know how to access the internal dsp effects of the UR44? Is this normally done using Cubase or some other program? I have dspMixFx_UR44 - but that doesn’t connect to my UR44 (I get a “No devices found.” error) - so I’m sunk there. Anyway, it would be helpful if I had an idea now this is normally done. I’m trying to solve a bad problem (no Monitor output) and want to see if anything is misconfigured inside the UR44.

Screenshot (25).png
Screenshot (24).png
Screenshot (23).png

Okay, thanks for those screen shots. I don’t have “hardware” as an option in the rack of the MixConsole and I don’t see “Audio Hardware Setup” under the devices tab of Cubase. What version are you running?

I’m using the latest version. I think it’s C 8.5.15.
Also the latest version of tools and Yamaha usb driver for the UR.

Have you read this thread?

Maybe you find some workaround there?

sounds horrible

Are you connecting to a USB2 port? The effects have their own installer, and require e-licensing. They can then be used in Cubase or any other DAW… or DSPmix