How to achieve this strange monophonic behaviour?

Hi folks,

I’m trying to find a way to trigger a VSTi in the following manner:

I play a note (C3) and hold it.
Then i play another note: D3 (while still holding C3).
When i play D3, C3 cuts off. So this is a typical monophonic behaviour.
But, and this is the tricky part, when i release D3, C3 is triggered again.

So just to be clear, i don’t re-press C3. I’ve been holding it all the time, and it was the act of releasing D3, that triggered C3 again.

I should also mention, i need this for triggering an arpegiattor, so it actually needs to be external to any VSTi.

Any ideas how i could achieve this? A midi plugin? Or the PLE might help? Or a midi insert? I’m running Cubase 9.

Thanks! …I.R.

Piz midi plugin midiPolyphony do that.

It has a retrigger feature to select, as notes are released.

It’s VSTi itself, so need to be chained with instrument.

You can find your way here:

Many many many thanks dude, that got it working!

Like you said, re-trigger on, and both high and low channels need to be set to 1.

In five minutes i already came up with some sounds that i couldn’t achieve any other way, check it out (this is just a quick sketch to test it):

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

That sounds really cool.

This incredible set of plugins from Piz with a wrapper for Cubase midi inserts, so you use them with same ease in Cubase midi tracks - what a boost.

Anybody use this kind of features, please vote here: