How to batch export multiple events on the same track at once?

Audio export just exports regions, and does not separate for audio events inside the region.

The answer was apparently provided in this closed thread:

Batch Export Multiple Events from one track - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

But, the link included in it is broken.

Anyone know how to do this?

Maybe this is what was referred to back then? Haven’t tried it myself.

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If you create a project logical edit or preset to add cycle markers to all audio events , then you can use the export mixdown menu to render only cycle markers for the selected track!
If someone comes up with a nice logical editor preset for this please share! :smiley:

for now what i have is this.

i miss the step that it goes automatically to the next audio event.

If all your items are split in the same track you can use the File - Export - Selected events


this is good for a rough export. The drawback is that you have little control over the name (every exported event must take on the same name where subsequent exports are given the -01, -02, etc. suffix). This also works for any selected events, not just ones on the same track

‘locate next event’ might be useful, but it is not dependent on the selected events only – which for this case you want only the selected events to be cycle marked and ready for batch export.

not exactly what I was looking for but interesting and useful, thank you.

Unfortunately is not possible to execute what I was planning.
Best option for your work is to use reaper instead. In this regards is the best tool available.

Sure reaper can do that. I was on Reaper before switching to Cubase.
I prefer Cubase way of doing things, it makes more sense and is a more snappy program.

I prefer the tool that makes the job, for those tasks i rely on reaper 100%.
The render matrix, wildcards, easy action for multiple tasks, impossible to beat that.
i paid too for cubase, but for other things :smiley: