How to change Font Size in the mixer?

I am using N6 first time in the studio with a 300 track project.

I have very big problems to read the tracknames in the mixer because the font is so BIG

Track names like “Kick_OUT-AT4050Far” will turn into something like “K…ar” - which does not make any sence to me.

Same for Input/Output routing.

I am not blind.

I need information which I can get by just one view when dealing with a big project.

Whaaa even hat higher zoom levels (wider tracks) something simple like “MASTER Lead Git” will turn into “MA…it”…

Oh damn that is funky

in the prefs I can set up colors for everything. But no font size.

Well, I am not a teletubby - though I would say that it is more complex to differentiate between 7 similar variations of - lets say blue - and have an idea what kind of track this means…

I usually do not use colors that much - instead of that I have routing and naming. But I can not read the f*kin names.

It is improved a lot in 6.0.5 and will further improve soon.

New feature in N6:
you can zoom the mixer with g/h and shift-g/h


yes - of course I can zoom - but I do not need 2 inch wide channels - I need to read the fonts - can I resize them?

No. Fonts can’t be resized. But it’ll look a lot better soon.


Bad and good news :slight_smile:

What means “soon”? :sunglasses:

I will go back to N5.5 now, it is to difficult to use N6, though it is a great concept behind N6 - but it needs to be shaped a lot! Mostly regarding the GUI/design…

I agree. It needs shaping. It is a whole new platform. It’ll be really good though when it gets more finished.
Luckily it is stabile.


Yes it is running and performing fine - I am happy regarding that!

Of course a lot is depending on “how used” you are to the new design - but there are a lot of smaller things which are killing my creativity and efficiency.


Such a small thing but it destroys my overview in that project…

This time, for once, it should be the other way round…
The Program should be adjusted to match the users liking and workflow.

Big K

After some time in N6 I came back to 5.5 and it was like coming home :slight_smile:

+1 Thank god I did not buy this update.
After some time with the Demo and then coming back to 5 it was such a relief to look at the mixer.


Me too.
Anyway, in addition to the new mixer ®evolution, N6 has also some issues (stability, reliablility) that makes it a real showstopper for me, not usable in front of customers. Will wait for further update(s) before reconsidering my position.