How to change key signature on a single track

I am using Dorico for Ipad. When I try to change the key signature it changes on all tracks. How do I change it on just one of the tracks?

Hold down the alt/option key when pressing return in the popover.
Or when clicking it in from the panel.


Unfortunately this isn’t possible in Dorico for iPad.

Damn, missed the iPad part again.


You may be correct Lillie, but the help file that goes with the iPad version says it is possible.

Tap the icon in the upper-right corner, then Dorico Help at the bottom of the list. That brings up a document titled Dorico for iPad 1.1.0 Search for Key Signature and tap the 2nd item titled Key Signatures. The 4th paragraph states:

“By default, key signatures apply to all staves. However, there are certain situations, such as in polytonal music, where some parts require their own key signature, independently of the rest of the ensemble. You can input key signatures that apply to all staves or only apply to single staves in Dorico for iPad.”

That is pretty clear! It just does not say HOW to do it.

I hope you will forgive us, Tom, but there is the occasional inaccuracy in the Dorico for iPad operation manual, or at least some areas where some further information is required. In this case, it’s inaccurate given the current state of things, because the expected Alt+Return (with a hardware keyboard) to confirm the popover does not work on iPad. We are thinking about how best to enable you to create local key signatures etc. and it will make its way into the app in due course. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.

Thanks for sharing that, Tom. Obviously I’m very familiar with the document, as its author - I’ll make a note to comb over it again and mark up this paragraph as required. I have already updated the relevant task to make sure the last step is accurate, and thought I had found other references to such functionality elsewhere but it seems not. So yes thanks for pointing that out, it will be corrected asap.

Out of curiosity, I just checked to see if using an attached keyboard helped, but no, we will have to wait for that. I am, nevertheless, impressed with what has been ported to the iPad already.

(My biggest hassle is that, although Apple uses CMD instead of CTRL, the CTRL key on their keyboard is located the same place the CTRL key on Windows is, and the OPT key is not where the ALT is for Windows, which catches my finger-memory off guard constantly. :exploding_head: But that is not Dorico’s problem.)

Well, that’s too bad, but I understand. Is it possible to change a clef in the iPad version? I could not figure out how to do that either.

Try this page.

I just positioned the caret where I wanted the new clef and used the Clef Tool in the right column to select the new clef. So yes, it is possible.

I also switched to the Popover display on the right and summoned the on-screen QWERTY keyboard display, which let me change the clef again by typing in its popover value.