How to change the registered location of VST Sound files in Sound Manager

This issue is similar to the one in the following post, but slightly different:

In my case, I’m getting the same error (that the file cannot be moved by the Library Manager), but in my case, even though I got the error, the files are actually moved. The problem is, when I click on Details in the Library Manager, the files are still registered at the old location.

So, to summarize, the VST files are in both locations, but Library Manager has registered them at the old location. How do I get Library Manager to point to the new location. Currently, if I remove the files from the old location and double-click them in the new location, it says it can’t find the original files. If I put them back in the old location and double-click them there, I get the error, and Library Manager still says they’re in the old location. Sigh.

This is for “The Grand” VSTs. Other VST files for my other plugins copied and registered correctly.

Thanks for any help folks can provide. (I’m on a MacBookPro.)


Are you sure both files are the sources? Agent the files files in the old location just aliases (links) to the new ones?

Double-check the file size, please.

Aha! Yes, you are correct. The files in the new location are just aliases. I didn’t catch that before. I’m not clear how that happened, but with this new information, I was able to fix the problem as follows:

  1. Removed the alias files from the new location.
  2. Manually moved all The Grand .vstsound files from the old (downloads folder) location to the new location.
  3. Double-clicked one of the files in the new location.

When Library Manager opened, it scanned all the files, gave me a message that files were already registered, and now the file location in Library Manager is correct. All are now pointing to the new (Cubase default) location as they should be.

I did some more research, and as I was installing Halion 6, some of those VST files were also aliases in the new folder, so I did the same thing there. For those files, I had to close Library Manager and double-click the files a couple of times before it got them all straight, but I’m good now.

Thanks for your help.