Errors when moving sound libraries

I tried to move the files into a Steinberg folder I created in the root of my D: drive but for the following two files, I get this error message:

It worked for the rest so far. But I guess I am free to name the folder where I copy everything into. I copy everything into d:/Steinberg .

and another:

I wonder if I ought to have created some content folder to place it in. I did not speculate about that.

SInce I copied over half of the files, I now do not know the original location. If that is important I would have to download cubase ai 11 all over again!!!
I honestly thought this was gonna be piece of cake (a cakewalk).

At least I ought to get some prompting regarding the naming of the folders and restrictions regarding the placement of the sound libraries. BEFORE it gets done.

This is absurd. ALso I chose to just copy everything into the same folder. I thought the structuring of the files would not be a problem or anything I needed to speculate about. Seems reasonable right, or inviting to move the files should not be allowed if this would pose any problems at all.

I will not proceed with copying the last batch of files before I get a go from someone knowledgable.

It seems I will have to start all over and uninstall/install Cubase once again. Like a ghost house where one is trapped and forced to relieve the horror. I feel an urge to quote Marlon Brando: “The horror!”.

This type of thing is usually easy to deal with, so don’t worry. Did you already delete the content files from the location they were downloaded to initially?

While I couldn’t know why that’s happening, I would suspect that the file isn’t where the S.L.M. thought it was, or something is stopping the system from adding the file to the new location, e.g., the file is already there, but hasn’t been registered by the SLM.

Do the files exist at the original location? Try copying them manually, maybe. Also, double-check Library Default Location is D:/Steinberg.

So are you saying just copying everything to d:/Steinberg would be ok, without having to think about creating other folders?

WHat do you mean with Library default location? I just created that folder.

Ok now I have set the default location to that.

Looks like you’re making progress.

The files can be pretty much anywhere, there are zero limitations or requirements beyond their needing to be in a location accessible to the OS and you. No folder structure, no complications. Much of my content is on my external G: drive, and other content is in the original default location.

Yes. And after you copy them there, double-click on any file in there, the SLM should open and register the files for Steinberg acccess… aka, the Mediabay.

If the files are missing, or something is not right, the SLM should generate an error message and fix itself, or I suppose, ask you to do something to fix it.

I was able to move one of the files now but the first one not. Upon manually cutting pasting it into d:/steinberg I get the error message: Unable to read source file.

I wonder if I could not just have copy pasted the whole structure from the Programdata on C: and then set the default location?? WOUld that not have been easier than doing it in the library manager?

That’s an OS level problem. Maybe the file’s corrupt, incomplete, or there’s a disk error of some kind (less likely)
Aside from that one file, have you been able to register all the content by double-clicking them so they open in the SLM?

SO before this slm thing should I not move everything first or? I will doubble click now but where exactly? DO you mean I need to open Cubase?

It’s quite simple really for this case.

  1. put the files where you want them.
  2. double click on one of them.

Please don’t edit your posts, we’re talking too fast for that.

Just do the simple steps I am suggesting, nothing else. No, Cubase does not need to be opened.

I wonder if I could not just have copy pasted the whole structure from the Programdata on C: and then set the default location?? WOUld that not have been easier than doing it in the library manager?

I assume you mean in the path finder

Probably. Who knows? I’m not in front of your screen so I couldn’t know. The goal here is just to make it work. Later you can learn the ins and outs of this but there are not many.

This is not a term I know…

WHen I doubble clicked in path finder on one of the files in D, it says that they are already registered.

I don’t know what path finder is.

a translation of the Library of Windows 10. WHere you access all files. I don’t know in English since my pc is in another language and this is the direct translation of that

Maybe you are done.

Open the SLM from the Start Menu and observe the locatiopn of the files. See my image above for reference

Windows File Explorer

Tell me what SML stands for and I may find it. I never heard it before. Yes file explorer it is