How to change time signatures multiple times in one song?

I was composing a song in Cubase Elements 9.5 when I wrote a 4/4 part but I had already written the rest of the song in 3/4. I know how to change the time signature for the whole song, but I do not know how to make specified parts a different time signature.

By the way, i have already looked at the forums and the rest of the internet, but the only tutorial i found on youtube was outdated and didn’t work.

P.S. Please don’t tell me I need to upgrade my version of Cubase. I will be sad.

Ad a time signature track to the project.
If you like using the mouse, you can just use the draw tool to enter in a new time signature, where you want it.

Elements is slightly different…

Element have “signature” track? If it dosent, Look away from my tip.

Thanks so much swamptooth! This helped me a lot!

that didn’t seem to work. can you provide a little more detail? thanks!