How to change vst instrument

Hello, everyone

I have two questions

  1. By default, Dorico Pro is using HALion Sonic SE for default sound (piano), I guess.

However I am going to buy Pianoteq or VSL or Keyscape soon
and want to play my piano music using them (not default HALion Sonic SE)

I read several web pages and user manuals but yet couldn’t find an easy way

I think it will be easy to change from HALion to VSL Imperial or Keyscape, for example

May I ask:
Please explain to me how to do this

  1. I may buy Organteq (from Pianoteq) too. It is for organ sound.

Can I play organteq sound on the score (track) which is originally for piano instrument ?
That is, this dorico file is a piano solo score file, but want to play pipe organ sound instead of piano sound.

May I ask:
How to do this easily?

Thank you and have a nice day

For Organteq, I suggest you take a look at some earlier threads that discuss its use with Dorico, e.g.:

To use another virtual instrument instead of the HALion Sonic SE piano, you should create a new playback template that combines the existing HSSE+HSO (Pro) playback template with your new chosen piano instrument or sound. You can read about how to create playback templates here:

You may also find this video helpful:

And here is a more in-depth exploration of creating your own playback template:

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Dear Daniel:

Nice to meet you, Daniel !

According to your guide, both questions of mine are not that easy as I thought

I will read all your comments and earlier thread, in detail.

And if I found more questions about these, I will write down reply message to yours here.

Thank you so much for your kindness and guide
Have a great week and see you again, Daniel