Organteq with Dorico

I’ve made an expression map for Organteq so that I can easily change manuals and add/remove stops from the music in Dorico — here it is in action! It’s also attached to this post. (I know this piece wouldn’t normally be played with such registration, but it’s fun to play with!)

I created a playing technique for each manual, and defined them as the Absolute Channel change switches in the expression map. In the score, I add these techniques to a voice to change its manual. Sometimes I hide the indication and replace it with a bracket.

For each of the 40 stops and 6 couplers, I created two playing techniques, one for on and one for off. In the expression map, I assigned each pair to a mutual exclusion group, and they are defined as add-on switches that send 127 and 0, respectively, on the stop/coupler’s corresponding CC. In the score, I add these playback techniques to the Pedal staff and hide them, and add an appropriate text item to the correct staff. This is necessary because the manual staves can change channel, which can cause undesirable retriggering of on/off techniques. The pedal channel is invariable. The popovers for these techniques are like “+p5” which means “Add Positif Drawknob #5”, or “-g2” for “Remove G.O. Drawknob #2”, so they’re pretty quick to add and remove by looking at the Organteq UI — much easier than entering CC data by hand!

Combination pistons are also mapped — they are all in a single mutual exclusion group and trigger different values on CC 3. In the score, they show up as circled numbers. I would also put a nat. immediately before to cancel out all prevailing stop modifiers. (Maybe I could just put all of the combination pistons in each mutual exclusion group?)

Cheers :slight_smile: (765 KB)


Well done Jester, must have taken you ages! I’ve been thinking of getting Organteq so this will be very useful.

Thank you Jester for sharing your expression map.
In order to make your fugue example work you will also need to provide us with a midi mapping, including action mapping and keyboard mapping, on the Organteq side (a .ptm file). Isn’t that right?

It seems something isn’t quite right here.

I created an organteq side mapping that matches the expression map (Recit drawbars on CC41-49, for instance), and I can get that to work, BUT, the expression map doesn’t work with the channel changing. For instance, if any of the “Base” techniques (Manual I-Manual III) are active the CCs don’t actually work. I can see on the Playing Technique line that Dorico thinks the combation is active, but the CCs are not being sent.

You can put manual changes on the manual staves, but put all stop changes on the Pedal staff, because that channel doesn’t change from Base. I should update my zip file with a working Organteq template, too.

So after a bit more expirimentation, it seems that the CCs in Organteq are listening on a specific channel, (e.g Channel 1) but Dorico is SENDING them on the channel of whichever manual is active. This is…not ideal. Any work around?

Try this ptm file. Make sure you have independent voice playback on, and that you have enough channels assigned for the number of voices, and only place stop changes on the pedal staff.
Dorico with (949 Bytes)

Ok, yes, writing the stop changes on the pedal staff does indeed work.

One tweak I found nessesary was in the Playback Option Overrdies to reduce the Legato Duration to something under 100%. Else if you have two successive notes of the same pitch under a slur essentially only get the first note - the note isn’t rearticualted, since it’s already held down, but then is abruptly cut off slightly after the 2nd note starts, as the note off from the first note fires. I find a value of 98% seems to work ok.

For anyone that needs it, here is the Organteq-]side mapping to go with this map
Four keyboards (dorico).zip (629 Bytes)

Thank you, TylerE, for your fine work! I have installed Organteq yesterday and (nearly) everything works right. There is one thing which confuses me: Normal playback is OK, but when I select a single note it is sometimes played back, somtimes not. For instance, the first phrase from bar 1 on is played back on Récit as it should. But when I select the first note, the GUI of Organteq shows a G on the GO-Manual but there is no sound (as there is no stop drawn).
On the other hand: Clickin the F in bar 6 there is no sound but clicking the d in voice 1 down-stem it sounds correctly.
Can you (or somebody else) this explain to me?

This has been extremely helpful. I wrote to Modardtt a number of times. No responses at all. Your downloads led me to understanding the Midi workings behind Organteq. Perhaps I’ll make a video to learn it even more thoroughly. Thank you all! Thank you! Thank you!

  • Jeffrey Reid Baker