How to configure M-Audio axiom 61 in cubase 12?

Hello, i got an old m-audio axiom 61 and i can not configure the faders and knobs. Is there a good tutorial?

Hi there and welcome to the forums!

Here’s one tutorial.

If you get stuck, just come back with some more specifics and there’s plenty of users that are willing to help out. Good luck!

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Hello. This tuto is cool but i got stuck. I already programmed the faders with stereo in and the stereo out, the knobs to play, loop and record i programmed to but i don’t know how to programm the turing knobs for all the quick controls on all instruments or the knobs to change the tracks (instruments) with the buttons 1-4. Thanks

There is a file from m-Audio but this uses the soon(?) to be removed generic remote feature. I use this myself one in a while.