How to contact Avid about Sibelius


I have questions about Sibelius version 6.0. that I would like to ask Avid. But I don’t understand how I can get in touch with them. Do they have an email? Do they even exist? I hope so, because I bought the Sibelius software, but can’t get it started anymore. It’s completely malfunctioning.

Thanks for helping.

They still exist, and they have an entirely different website. Try or their forum at

When you have to ask for help with Sibelius on the Dorico forum, I think that answers all your questions! :laughing:

However, Sibelius version 6 is 10 years old. I’d be suprised if it was supported.

I mean, it’s a little bit like asking how to get hold of PayPal on the Tesla forum, isn’t it?

Not Tesla, but Apple Pay or Amazon Pay… :wink:

Elon Musk used to work for (and co-founded) PayPal, but yes, I see your point :wink:

Oh, I didn’t know… I see your point, too :slight_smile:

I tried to issue a bug report to Avid’s issue reporting system, but I only got an ugly database error and could not submit the form. I took a screenshot of my bug report with their database error and uploaded that to their facebook page. They seem to have deleted the post and did not respond :astonished:

I really hope that Dorico fixes its note navigation (arrow keys) in version 3 so that I can switch to Dorico for composing!

It still has the same level of support as all the other versions of Sibelius :unamused:

Actually the Sibelius user forum support is pretty good - though hardly any of it is done by Avid.

Snorted my beverage through the nose. Thanks for that, Rob!

This thread is very funny. Musikkoman could simply ask the questions here … and they would be answered here (hehe).
[oh no!]

Being serious, Sibelius 6 is still supported by the users on that forum. Just ask your question there. Musikkoman isn’t the only Sibelius user who stopped paying Avid for content-free updates and still uses an old version.

The publisher I engrave for is still on Sibelius 6, they did buy version 8 I believe but it gave too many problems.

I like that the OP poses the question about AVID: “Do they even exist?” That one will leave a mark…

Working in Sibelius Ultimate now for a publisher who is not on Dorico yet (although he will be as soon his infrastructure allows it). I realised that the easiest way of contacting Avid is to send them a message in the crash report form that comes up every time S. crashes. Have send them 2 messages already this morning…

Have they replied, though? :smiling_imp:

No response on any of the many crash reports I’ve send over time. But mostly I send them a :cry: or an :rage: , so…

This is all very funny indeed. Every bit that I read about Sibelius only ever justifies my avoiding it for fifteen years or so…

Andre, I’m sure you can always come here for consolation (or pacification) instead. :wink:

Of course all this frustration applies mostly to the last five years or so. I heard there were, ahem, different people working there before and the situation was quite different. Wonder what they’re up to nowadays.

Stop bashing Avid. Are the others better? I, e.g., never get replies from MakeMusic to the questions I don’t ask. To make things worse, I don’t own Finale.