How to control Cubase multiple mixers (MixConsole1,2,3 and 4) with a midi controller

I was trying to get this working but I can’t find the sollution.

I’m using Cubase Pro 13 with a faderport 8 (and some other equipment) and that works very good with mixer 1. But when I try to control mixer 2, I can open it with my faderport, (3 and 4 as well) but I can’t control the faders of mixer 2, I still control mixer 1.

Some background:
I work in my templates with multiple mixers for better overview.

  • mixer 1 left group, right fx and audio and instrument tracks in the middle (but the space is limited, so therefor I set up mixer 2 and 3)
  • mixer 2 for my audio and instrument tracks
  • mixer 3 for my group and fx channels
  • mixer 4 for my midi channels

So my question is:

→ How can I let my faderport communicate with mixer 2 (and 3 and 4) ?

Another thing is: (I create a separate post for this as well as it is a different subject and at the same time in the same line of communication with the mixer.

I would like to make my fader port to go to the selected channels. Same like “auto select” but than the other way around.
My goals is that my faderport controls the bank that includes the (mouse clicked) selected channel. (I get 8 channels to control on my faderport where 1 fader of the 8, controls the selected channel at it’s “bank position” 1-8) Same as the mixer has the same channel selected as the project window and where the white strip indicates the bank. I would like to control those channels and have that bank as the one I have in front of me on my faderport by clicking one of the channels in the project window and mixconsole window. (which refers to the first question of my post as well but in a different way).
Now I scroll left and right through my channels per bank, finding the green light at my faderport of the selected channel to get there which is not funny doing that mulitple times with great amounts of tracks(but for now the way it is, but I might don’t know a better way and my kids love to see the faders moving fast :wink: )

I hope anyone can help me with one of these things?
Thanks for helping!



Please see your duplicate post.