How to convert MIDI files to Dorico score format?

Hello, I am a Dorico beginner.
I want to study classical music using Dorico Pro and Cubase Pro, both of which I am using now.

For example, at or
I can download many midi files of well-known classical compositions (for example, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart)

I want to import those midi files into Dorico Pro 4.2
That is, those midi files must be moderately displayed as sheets (scores)

Of course, if those are symphonies, for example, this will be very difficult.

But, at now, I am mostly concerned in solo works and string quartets.

May I ask:
How to import such midi files and convert them into Dorico file format easily and systemically ?
I can use Cubase Pro in between to help these process.
For example, read midi files into Cubase and convert these into something and read these something into Dorico … etc

By the way, last time, I tried to read midi (Beethoven piano sonata) into Dorico
Dorico could read this midi file but tracks are separated into 5 different tracks and get messy and I couldn’t designate each clef (treble or bass) for each separated tracks

I want to convert this midi (piano sonata) into two clefs (treble and bass because it is piano solo) nicely
I want this possible

Please help me with this issue
Thank you and have a nice day !!!

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Hi Morph, this is an excellent video to start with

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Dear Robert:

Hello, nice to see you again !!

Oh, so this function is called Smart MIDI import
As you guided, I just found a pdf (Dorico version history)
where Smart MIDI import is explained !

I will study youtube you introduced to me and the pdf file.

Also there is another

Thank you so much again and see you next time too, Robert

I’d like to offer a caveat:

The midi files I find at the websites mentioned in the first post generally sound good, but are not quantized. Also the contrapuntal voices are not in separate tracks. In my experience they are almost impossible to massage into correct notation. It is much faster and more accurate for me to recopy such scores myself in Dorico.

You’re much more likely to find usable midi files at or


Dear Mark:

Nice to meet you, Mark.
Thank you so much for your valuable advise.
I will visit,
Those sites are what I was looking for.
I want to find as many as MIDI files suitable for Dorico

Have a nice day and see you again, Mark

Those sites may also have MusicXML files, which contain much more ‘notation’ information – lyrics, written dynamics, expressions, etc. You should prefer those, if available.


Thank you, Mr. Benwiggy

I will study MusicXML now.
classicalarchives, kunstderfuge don’t look having such format

I found a link below related to MusicXML

Have a nice day

Morph, the first MusicXML file in this list is a good one to practice on. It imports into the desktop and iPad versions just fine. (and it’s a great tune!)

Hello, Robert
Thank you for your recommendation
I will study the file you introduced to me

Now I came to have interest in XML, not in midi.

Have a nice day and see you again, Robert

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