How to create a cd in wavelab 11 pro

I need help creating a CD with my new Wavelab 11 pro. 9.5 was fairly easy.
This is a bit complicated.
Thank you for the help!!

Hi there. I only started using WaveLab from v10 onwards (currenlty 11.2), so my help may be a bit limited… I’m not sure how it worked in 9.5 so apologies if I cover things you already know about!


  1. Create a new “Montage” - this will be used to hold your audio files in. There will be an audio track created.

  2. On the background of the audio track, right click and “Import” files. You can then sequence your files.

  3. Create CD markers by making a selection over the audio (where you want your tracks to be), and pressing ‘C’ (this creates CD start/end markers - these are ‘red’ ones).

  4. Once you have all your markers, you can choose to Export.

  5. Render → Single → Whole Montage → CD/DDP

  6. Choose the CD drive to write to. (I’ve not done beyond this point, because I usually do DDPs for the CD manufacturing plant).

I believe that’s it, so far as I know!

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The Basic Audio CD feature was indeed removed and now it must be done via Audio Montage, and one way of doing it is described above.

Jim: Thank you very much.
I will give it a try!!

Wish me luck!!!

Ed at EFEX Electronics

P.S. I started using Wavelab 2.0 I think.
Up thru 9.5 there was a “button” to “make CD”.
That apparently has been deleted!!!

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You’re welcome. Wishing you the best of luck with it!


Check here as well…

regards S-EH

I got all the way to “Write Audio CD or DDP” and can’t get to that screen.
Any hints?

I would like to just create a single CD if I can.

I have the Audio Montage exported and saved but can’t get to that last screen.

Thank you!!

Ed at EFEX Electronics

Under Tools Window the “CD” icon is grayed out.
Any solutions here? Or am I just adding confusion to a complicated process?

Ed at EFEX Electronics

Justin: I got all the way to Render-Single-Whole Montage but I can’t seem to get to the last screen.
“Write Audio CD or DDP” doesn’t appear.

Any suggestions?

Thanks again!!!

Ed at EFEX Electronics

I found a bug where the CD/DDP window doesn’t appear and WaveLab simply crashes and instantly closes, because I had a virtual CD drive that didn’t have a drive letter assigned to it in Windows. I had to assign a drive letter in Disk Management so the CD drive scanning could work, then the CD/DDP window popped up as normal. Not sure if your error is caused by the same thing…

Are you on Windows or Mac?

P.S. Did you click the Start button?

That’s strange. It isn’t greyed out on my menu.

Which version of WaveLab are you on currently? And are you on Windows/Mac?

Can you see your CD burner in your system?
and your burner should show under Device in the CD writer dialog in WaveLab!

regards S-EH

Sven-Erik: I was a bit cramped for time to get this holiday recording project done.
So, after capturing all the tracks in Wavelab 11 I then used Nero Burning Rom to
complete the standard CD. It worked perfectly although I would love to be able to
complete this type of project within the Wavelab platform.

For some reason the “CD” icon in the main menu is grayed out and not accessible.
I’m sure I am missing a step when trying to create a CD after creating the Audio Montage
and following the steps to create a CD.

Thank you so much for your assistance!!

Ed at EFEX Electronics
Yamaha-Steinberg-Line 6 Factory Authorized Service Tech

Jim: I have (2) installed DVD/CD drives in my computer.
And they both work with other programs.

Ed at EFEX Electronics

It’s strange that the CD tab menu item is greyed out for you. WaveLab Pro 11.2 should have it. That menu option is simply to open the CD tab so you can input metadata (titles, artists, performers, ISRCs, EAN/UPC, etc.)

In terms of writing a CD, you could try creating a DDP image first, then using the File–>Tools–>“Write Audio CD from DDP Image”. Maybe that would work in your case.

If no CD drives show up, I’d see if Philippe can help you in some way. @PG1

I have an ancient LG Blueray/DVD/CD drive I don’t really use, and even that shows up.

Cheers, Jim.

Jim: Both of my internal CD/DVD drives show up in other programs.
I was able to use Nero Burning Rom to burn the CD with the .wav files created in Wavelab.

Ed at EFEX Electronics

Yeah, I don’t know what the issue could be then, sorry!

Hoping you manage to get to the bottom of it.

Do you have, or did you have earlier versions of WaveLab installed? If I’m correct, WaveLab 11+ no longer needs the “Gear” drivers for CD. If you no longer need any earlier versions of WaveLab, you could try uninstall them, but then also uninstall the “Gear” drivers and reboot.

I did have occasional problems with earlier versions but I have two Plextors still working fine in WaveLab 11.2

I have been using Wavelab since 3.0!!!
I have 9.5 installed right now. I will try your suggestion to
uninstall 9.5 and the “gear drivers”.

Is there a “Wavelab” uninstaller tool?
There are always little files and data left over from an uninstall.
I have used other software companies uninstall programs with
great success.

Thank you for your assistance.

Ed at EFEX Electronics

That’s a very old version now. Perhaps have a look at this post: