How to create blank staves?

Hi evrybody! I’m brand-new in this forum, tried to look for a similar topic, but didn’t find any … .
I like to create some exercises for my students and so it’s necessary to have measures without any barlines,
no meter and so on.
Is there a function to hide all these symbols or delete them?
I can’t find one.
I’ve put an example in the attachments … .
Thank you for helping me!

Bildschirmfoto 2019-04-18 um 22.45.16.png

Welcome to the forum, Carsten. You should find that it’s reasonably easy to create these kinds of examples by some changes in the Layout Options dialog. Disable bar numbers on the Bar Numbers page. Disable staff labels and set Dorico to show only one bar per system on the Staves and Systems page. Set Dorico to hide bar rests on the Players page. Let us know if you need any further help!

Buongiorno Daniel!
Thank you very much for your fast help. I‘m going to try all these tips from you and let you know, if it works … .

Tanti saluti!

Some of these items are covered in this video where I made some manuscript paper (no barlines, rests etc):