How to delete cues that don't exist

Hello there!

I’ve run in into a little problem with cues (which are otherwise great).

At one point i had cues in a certain place in the score, but then i deleted them (i don’t remember the exact circumstances, it was a while ago), but they are still there, as rests. It is impossible to select them, filter them. They even stay there, when bars are deleted via System Track. Very persistent cues, i’d say.

Any clue how to get rid of them?

Screen Shot 2021-05-31 at 14.43.51

You should be able to select the cue label (the instrument name at the start of the cue) or failing that, the orange signpost, then hit Delete or Backspace.

Hmm, strange, there was no cue label nor signpost, but opening and closing the document somehow solved the problem.