How to disable Control Room... in Cubase Artist?


ran Cubase 13 demo the last 2 months and decided to purchase Cubase Artist 13 today. Since activation it crashes all the time, just need to open and create an empty project. If I load an existing project there’s no audio ( sound card is ok in Studio panel ) and trying to go to the audio connections causes a crash. It’s possible to see on the menu that that the crashed component is “audio connections - control room”. This obviously shouldn’t be possible as Control room is not part of Cubase Artist :slight_smile: But I did have control room enabled in demo mode which doesn’t let you run Artist… only Pro… and yes I did love that listen bus, but that single feature was not worth the extra 200 Euros until there is a sale on :slight_smile:

I’ve rebooted, uninstalled and re-installed completely, including uninstalling from windows. Deactivated and reactivated and rebooted etc… nothing makes any difference.

I tried to start in ‘safe mode’ with holding ctrl-shift-alt but all this seemed to do was give me the option to open a project and then go to the usual launch screen… and then crash, no difference.

Does anyone know, is there a way to do the equivalent of switching control room off, without going into the audio connections panel? That’s the only way I can se ee out of this other than Steinberg lending me a Pro license so I can switch it off?

Obviously the setting is not part of the projects… and it’s not part of the install… so it must be a registry setting or stored in some other file somewhere?? Maybe someone knows where to look?

Could you post a few of your most recent .dmp files here? They would be located in

Did you do the usual when uninstalling? Manually deleting all Cubase folders in Program Files and Users…AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 13_64? Especially that settings folder.
I sometimes use the (free!) Auslogic Registry Cleaner to, er, clean up the registry. Best Free Registry Cleaner [Download] — Auslogics

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Hi Larry,
the precise crash you are describing: having used the control room in pro - switching to artist - opening audio-connections, was recently fixed for the upcoming maintenance release.
But yes, deleting all preferences in the path Googly_Smythe mentioned, should also fix this for you immediately.

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Thanks for the replies, I managed to resolve the issue evntually by entering the safe mode and deleting the preferences. I think the reason I couldn’t get into the safe mode was because there was always a crash report on startup and this circumvented entering safe mode… So the solution was to start up WITHOUT safe mode to clear the crash report, then re-start again with safe mode and then delete my preferences.

The maintenance release differs from the current install in download manager?

None of this should happen with a robust handling of the program configuration.

I don’t believe in having to manually delete anything related to installation, this is the responsibility of the software and needs to be fixed if it is an issue.

several crash dumps were submitted automatically, are you able to identify those and link with the issue?

Sorry if I mislead you, but I am not affiliated with Steinberg. I am just another Cubase user, as are the vast majority on this user forum.
However, using WinDbg (a free Microsoft debug tool), I can open and analyze the dump file and see if the crashes are Cubase related or related to a misbehaving plugin. Forum moderator @Martin.Jirsak (also not a Steinberg employee) is often kind enough to look at these dump files and report the issue to Steinberg for you if the particular issue hasn’t been already.

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Thanks for the explanation and WinDbg tip. I think this issue is clear now and it’s not plug related, but I’ll be ready for the next one…

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