How to edit audio clips?

Sometimes it helps to have some background info.

A Clip is the central piece in Cubase when it comes to managing audio files. Not for us users, as we rarely see and work with Clips but for Cubase.
We find Clips in the Pool only.

A Clip can consist of audio from one or many audio files.
That might seem unneccessary but it is actually really smart.

What we usually work with in a project are Audio Events. Any Audio Event must refer to exactly one Clip. It can refer to the entire Clip or just a fraction of it.

An Audio Part is just a container to easily group one or more Audio Events in the project. These Events are on the same track, a Part cannot span across several tracks.

Then there are also Regions, probably least used of them all. A Region in Cubase is just an area of a Clip. It is like a chapter in a book. Regions are therefore always tied to a Clip (in the Pool they are shown as something like a subentry). You can drag’n’drop a Region into the project, thus creating an Audio Event.