How to export a cue sheet the same way as you can with Pro Tools?

Hey all

I really hope this is a simple thing to do and I have somehow missed it but please will someone help with explaining how to export a cue sheet from a project where there have been many songs used.

I have a client that is asking me to go into their studio as they use Pro Tools which has the option to export cue sheets and that is the last thing I want to do… Don’t want to lose the work and definitely don’t want to be using Pro Tools! :slight_smile:


One solution:

Well, that’s handy, and hello, Sunshy!

I started asking for cue-sheet export back around Nuendo 3, I think. You’d think more people would be interested in such a feature; I got the online equivalent of blank stares from the community at large, especially when the post-prod “one-stop shop” is often involved in composing and music supervisory issues. I’m on a plane now (wishing again for soft-elicenser) and don’t have access to the app I use for cue sheet generation… but it was free. Nothing I’ve seen is as robust as the old OS9 “Cue”, but I’d sure be interested in what other people are using.

And, again, Steinberg-- we really ought to be able to generate a professional cue sheet in Nuendo.


But jeez. Nuendo have had support to export markers as csv for a long time now.
Csv files are easily readable text tiles that are also formatted to easily be imported into spreadsheets or database programs for further processing.

Another alternative if you are using straight audio files as music cues is to copy those tracks/files to empty tracks without automation (automation causes clutter in the export) and export them as AES31. AES31 is a open human readable project format that may give you the type of information you need straight away.

As with many things in Nuendo, a solution to a problem is often already available but sometimes required a bit of a workaround.

My solution is a semi automated workflow using ykey by plumamazing.
It sets locators around a music cue, then copies in/out times and the filename and pasts this into a word processor.
As a result you get very nicely readable lists.

Hi Chewy, I moved back to Tempe AZ so I should stop by and see you soon.

I just feel that this feature should already be implemented as I’ve requested it as well. Yes, you can export in/out points and length, but it would be nice to not have to use 3rd party apps to arrange the data in the form of a readable Cue Sheet. The info is there, just the delivery falls short.

Thanks everyone for all the feedback… Good to know I’m not the only one dealing with this! A nice simple way of exporting the cue sheet from Nuendo as you can in Pro Tools would be super handy. Hopefully they take note or are already working on it :slight_smile:

Exactly where is the explicit cue sheet export in PT? I have never seen that.

You can export session as text in Pro Tools. But that is hardly a cue sheet…
Have to byu other softwares for that AFAIK…

Yes that is what I am referring to in Pro Tools, the text file of the session that can be exported.

That’s what my client is looking for which they have received in the past from other studios which use Pro Tools. It seems like they take this information and plug it into their system/software that they use to create cue sheets.

Would be great if Nuendo did the same thing…

What info the client wants? Durations of the musics?
If so, just make cycle markers around each music, name accordingly and export markers as csv…

The attachments will show you what you will find in the text file from Pro Tools… sent to me from the client.

Still unclear what they need. For me that looks like a lot of unneeded info.
So this from earlier in this post:

Not the same as the txt list from PT (Actually, if you take a screenshot of your Pool, you haev the exact same information as "Capture 1), but try the Project/Track sheet.

Unfortunately for big projects, it can result in pages and pages …


Please do read my earlier post again.
We can already do this and have been able to for years!
Neither the PT or Nuendo solution will create a complete cue sheet but the info will all be there.

I just hate when some folks complain about something ask how to do it and then ignore the bloody answer!

I would really like it if some folks tried harder to learn and understand their tools before complaining about them.

I know what you mean. That happens too often on here.

I agree that all the info you need is there, but what many people don’t know is how to convert this into a usable cue sheet. I had to get help converting the times (seconds) into minutes and seconds in a spreadsheet. This info (steps on how to make a cue sheet) should be in a knowledge base somewhere with an excel formula and an excel or google docs spreadsheet.

I am suddenly finding myself needing this functionality as well and also for much the same reason (another studio is able to just export it from pro tools).
I work on quite a large number of short duration projects that get compiled into tv shows. Its not uncommon for me to work on a 3 or 4 minute item that has 10 pieces of music in it and I might do a dozen or more of those items in a day. I don’t need in and out points, all I need is the total duration that each music file was used in the project (it may be used more than once). I thought I might be able to get this info from the pool window but it doesn’t seem to appear so. If I have to create and label markers for each snippit of music used its going to take too long. Is there an easy way for me to do this that I am missing?


Use cylcemarkers and to export to csv.

These things have been said in this thread already…

… try the Project/Track sheet.

Although this is a sheet “from the past” and needs a overhaul in many ways, I think it delivers you the best solution.

A suggestion which may give you and your client the easiest overview, although again “from the past”, not printable and it only shows the content of 1 track at a time:

PROJECT/ BROWSER , select your music track, select “Track Data”, create screenshot.