How to export individual drum tracks from AD2

Hi all -
I’m using Addictive drums 2 in Cubase Elements 9. My partner wants individual drum tracks. By setting up multi output from AD2, I can see the separate drums in “lanes” linked to the master AD2 track. The problem is that I can’t seem to get the individual drums to export as a stand alone track (eg., “kick”, or “snare”…. Can anyone explain how to do this to me, or direct me to a resource that will get me there?

I started with Cubase Pro 9.5 and am on 12 now which has a very different answer to this question. So the best I can do is point you to the help which indicates your best option is to route tracks one at a time to the master bus and export. I could be wrong - I just glanced at it quickly. Give it a read and see if there’s a quicker, easier answer.

Cubase Elements 9: Export Audio Mixdown

I don’t know if this can be useful for you, but here is what I do with Groove Agent.

With GA, you can insert each Pattern used in an instrument or MIDI track. So, we arrange a partition according to our needs.

Select all events on the track, select Dissolve Part from the MIDI menu, choose Separate Pitches and OK.

You now have each drum instrument according to the assigned keyboard key. A VST will also be present for each track.

Use Render In Place and export each track as a kick, snare, hihat, toms, whatever. For me, this is easier and faster to achieve than manipulating the outputs of the VST.

Everyone has their own way, right?

Ugh! I can’t believe I didn’t think of this. Thank you - I’m certain that will work.

Thanks, I have been messing around with the “dissolve” function. At this point, it seems to work with a simple few bars of dropped in midi from AD2… but anything more complex (copied, pasted, moved etc…), then when I select the audio, the “dissolve part” becomes unavailable - not an active option in the menu. Any thoughts on that?

Thank you all!!

Dissolve Part is a MIDI function only.

Not to sound like a salesman from Steinberg, but if you’re creating lots of stems and different mixes, you really should checkout Cubase 12’s new export functionality - it’s pretty awesome.

Here’s the manual on Exporting in Cub 12

Thanks - looks like I might benefit from the upgrade. Appreciate your help!!

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Got it - thank you for your help!

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