How to have a white background like cubase 6 ?

Hi all,

How to have a white background like cubase 6 ? Cubase is very greyish, and the new grey background in the version 7 is really not a good idea for me, really ugly.

The only options available are in file>preferencies>color and no options permit to set a white background.

Any idea how to do it ?


Aloha j,
We were just having a similar discussion here: kinda the ‘look’ of parts of C7

Perhaps an update will give us that option.

HTH (hope this helps)

It’s not new and steinberg didn’t take the user need there in consideration. So i won’t update in cubase 7 for this contrast issue, it’s blocking for me, i need clarity for reading.

Thanks a lot for this answer.

Don’t you have this option?

Preferences/Colors/Project/Project Work Area Color

It’s working dude. so cool ! A big thanks, now i can upgrade ^^.