How to hide unavailable items in GA5 Load Panel?

I have everything that is in Absolute 6. It’s Groove Agent 5. I didn’t buy any expansion, such as Nashville, Songwriter’s Drums&Rhythms and others. But in Styles tab I see many expansions and of course the presets in them are unavailable (little stop sign icon).

I have only those marked with yellow line.

Also three packs of Instruments should not be in my list (the same in MIDI tab):

Here is a list of what I really have:

The Library Manager also shows only those libraries I really have.

So how to hide in GA5 Load Panel items I don’t have?
Should I reinstall GA5 or MediaBay or whatever?

This is a know issue. Search the Cubase forum, there is a sizable thread regarding this and trying to get it resolved with Steiny.

Thank you. I’ve searched, but didn’t find.

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Im on Sonoma and fixed mine by deleting the preferences for MediaBay.

BUT that didn’t do it alone. Groove Agent had some trouble rebuilding the database, so I had to wipe the prefs again, and opened Halion standalone and let that complete its first scan. Then going back into Groove Agent, everything was ‘fixed’ after it finished its first scan…
This worked for me, after deleting bothe the server and lib files for the media bay, I then scanned anything in the media bay that I thought had anything to do with groove agent and it worked for me no red no entry signs on kits