How to install 64 bit version of C7 in MacBook??

Hi everyone

So I put the disc in, clicked start center, clicked install, stepped through install process, and installed Cubase 7 on my MacBook. Trouble is, it installed the 32 bit version. At no point was I given the option to install the 64 bit version. I don’t get it. What am I missing?

It installs both. Go to your Applications and right click on the Cubase 7 icon. Choose “info” and there is a check box for 32bit. If it’s checked simply uncheck it.

You rock! Thanks for that tip. Problem solved.

While I have you here, are you happy with your Macbook configuration? I have similar. Some have told me 5400 rpm drive won’t be enough; that I should get a 7200 rpm drive or SSD instead. Do you have more than one drive or do you use you main system drive for everything?

Thanks Mark


When I ordered my Macbook I upgraded my HD to a 7200 and haven’t had any issues. I did purchase one of these for my VST instruments:

One thing, if you are going to run this on a Macbook you MAY notices little performance spikes where the audio drops out for 2 or 3 seconds. If that does happen they have a fix in version 7.04 but you have to add a switch in your configuration. I’ll post the link…

Here is the patch I was telling you about: