How to install Yamaha PSR-E323 Keyboard in Cubase?

Hey, everybody! I need help…
I don’t know how to install my Yamaha PSR-E323 Keyboard in Cubase… I plugged my MIDI/USB cable in my keyboard and in my PC [Windows 8.1] properly (MIDI IN cable in the MIDI OUT socket on the keyboard, MIDI OUT cable in the MIDI IN socket on the keyboard, and USB cable in the PC).
I opened Cubase > MIDI devices > Install Device, and I can’t seem to find “Yamaha PSR-E323” on the script… Did I do something wrong, or do I need something else besides my MIDI/USB cable? 'Cause I’m stuck at this point. So… I’m asking you, guys. Do you know what should I do? Thanks for your time and for helping me out,


Make sure yur USB.midi device has the drivers installed…

…also there won’t be a script for the PSR323. Just use the Yamaha XG script instead. It works fine.

When using Cubase on a Windows computer you need to make sure you have your USB keyboard plugged in properly before starting Cubase. Otherwise Cubase will not pick it up.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Thank you, balzau and Prock. I installed it. :smiley:

Guys… bad news.
The first time, my MIDI Keyboard worked on Cubase. The second time (right now) it didn’t.
I tried unplugging and plugging the MIDI cable, and then close Cubase and open it again. Nothing.

I’m sorry for being such a newbie. :confused:

Ok… The fun begins… :wink:

I don’t have your exact model keyboard but this procedure should hopefully get it going.

  1. With the PC started, CB not started, keyboard off… Connect the cable (midi in/out and USB) to the proper connections.
    Hopefully you will hear windows recognize the device (keyboard) when you plug it in.
  2. Start CB
  3. Open a project or start a new project that has an “Instrument Track” (or midi track but use an Instrument Track for this try). Add the Instrument Track if you don’t already have one. Also make sure the project has a Stereo input/output channel(track).
  4. Highlight the instrument track and press the track number near the top left of the inspector to see the input routing (which should drop down and be visible when you press that track number button). Select “All MIDI Inputs”.
  5. Just below that choose the vst instrument you want to use. Choose Halion Sonic SE for this try and choose any instrument (but choose GM 006 Electric Piano for this try).Don’t forget to activate the effect by pressing the button in the upper left of Halion. It needs to be blue colored.
  6. Turn on your keyboard
  7. Now the tricky part. The keyboard has to be set to send the midi to your computer. That usually means pressing a button or combination of buttons. You need to check your manual. The procedure looks like it is on page 59. Something about pressing and holding the “Demo” button and then using the +/- buttons to scroll through the PC Mode to turn it on. So, I think you actually have to set it to “off” but I’m not sure about that. You are going to try each setting until my step #8 works. :slight_smile:
  8. Now press a keyboard key. Hopefully it is working and you can hear a delightful electric piano.

Let me know if that helps. If not… We will dig a bit more

Regards. :sunglasses:

Ok, now it works 100% of the time! Thank you, Prock! :smiley:

Cool, glad it is up and running. :wink:

BTW… the keyboard I use all the time is a Yamaha PSR-38… Yes, 38. I purchased this baby for my kids back in in the 1990 range. It still work perfectly (knock on wood). I often think of purchasing something new/better but really it is not necessary. Connected to Cubase this baby is da bomb. So have fun with your PSR-E323 and I hope it lasts as long as mine.

Regards :sunglasses:

Thanks, dude! And thanks for the help. :smiley: