How to inverse the direction of Shift + Mouse Wheel

+1 here as well.

I didn’t use it a lot, but now that I know it exists and I want to use it, I’ve found (just as the rest) the it feels inverted.

It seems it’s been asked for, for many years now and it still hasn’t fixed. So I just had to reply!


@Gadget Fiend - Thanks for the software. After a long hours of struggle, just found that the modifier keys for “Shift” works only with the left key. Right SHIFT key works 1 out of 100 times. Not sure if this is how supposed to work. Appreciate if this can be fixed.

PS: I’m a left hand mouse user. Dell or Microsoft keyboards behaves lil different.

++1! Please

Please, could you just add an invert option in the preference menu. If I had only one wish for the next 10 year of cubase updates, it would be this one ! :slight_smile:

Many thanks, man! I was getting so annoyed by that inverted scroll. It’s hard to believe Steinberg still didn’t address this issue.

Thanks for this. I’ll just add, in case anybody else missed the exceedingly obvious as I did, “Enable Modifier Keys” box needs to be checked on the “Modifier Keys” tab under Settings for this to work.

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Is it possible to only have this effect enabled when in Cubase? It works like a charm there, but ends up messing things up in other applications when I need to shift+wheel up or down.