How to make a macro that switches the view to a specific track

Hello fine gentlemen! I’ve finally made the full switch over to Cubase. I can already mix in it, but I have quite a few questions about mostly basic functionality. I’ll have a laundry list of questions over time, so please bear with me. I almost exclusively track live drums myself, so most of my questions will have to do with the tracking, comping, and editing of drum tracks.

1st question: How do I make a key command that switches my view to a specific track? For example: Let’s say I’m looking at my kick mic, and the kick track taking up half the screen vertically… I want to make a keyboard shortcut that takes me to the hihat mic so I can see if the kick and hihat are hitting at the exact same time.

Once I learn how to do this, I’ll make a keyboard shortcut for every mic on my kit and program it into my Streamdeck, which makes comping drum takes a million times faster.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

I think that would be best achieved by using the Project Logical Editor, not a macro.

You can program the PLE so it opens any track that is labeled whatever you want it to be. In your case, “kick mic” Create a PLE preset for Kick Mic and assign it to a Key Command.

There are examples of this in the PLE factory presets…I think…

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Sounds like I need to watch some videos on the Project Logical Editor! Thank you! Do the PLE commands work for all projects or do I have to make them for every project?

PLE patches are good for all projects.

If someone doesn’t give you the precise PLE patch, I’ll be in my studio tomorrow and can post it. However you should look at the PLE factory patches because once you find the one factory example, then you know how to make any with certain words.

This should get you in the right direction. This opens any folder with the name “group.”

Save it as a PLE preset. Then do more…whatever you wish…including colors if it benefits you. Then assign a key command to the preset.

With the project logic editor in addition to a macro you can choose the selected tracks make the other tracks disappear put them in solo and even play the selection between the locators
and you can zoom in at the same time and open the editor of your choice if you wish
and all this with just one button.
It is precisely the power of macros in conjunction with PLEs that is really interesting.
More from Cubase 12’s new Logical Project Editor

Example Macro 097


There is a small part in French but I put Cubase in English in order to see the main functions

locator Selection and play solo track


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After you should know that with Cubase and especially in version 12 there are several ways to achieve the same results.
The best thing is to go there by different tests and small ends
because the order of the functions called may also be very important.
And above all, you have to think about saving
macros and PLEs to avoid unpleasant surprises in the event of a crash and/or reinstallation